Posted by: kerryannekay | July 27, 2017

Gutters and Guineas

I had to get the gutters replaced on the house on Tuesday.  The repairmen showed up at 9:00 am sharp and got to work.  As I was watching television in the living room I heard the bending of metal and power tools working.  The boys were quite during this phase of the installation.  When the new gutters were being installed, the boys decided it was time to complain…

The first noises were from the screws being attached to the house with a power tool.  The drills made a “brrrrruuuuppt-brrrrrrrr-bbbbrrrruuppt” noise from the front of the house.  Fred took this as an invite to join in the party.  I heard him responding to the power tool.  “Brrrrrrrrr” Fred called back between power tool noises.  I went upstairs to check on the boys and get a firsthand look at the silliness.

Fred was rubble-strutting around the cage when I walked into the room.  “Oh, sexy pig!” I called to him when he stopped to listen to the power tool noise.  The noise stopped and Fred called back “Brrrrrrrrr”.  He walked around in a circle and wiggled his butt.  “Oh,” I teased Fred, “she sounds sexy… I think you may have a chance with this one!”

When the front of house was done, the workmen moved to the back.  I walked out to talk with them about the exact placement of the downspouts and the gutter extensions.  A worker was up on a ladder above my bedroom windows…that were wide open.  “Ma’am,” he called down to me.

“Yes,” I called back.

“It sounds like you have an alarm going off in your bedroom…” he informed me while tilting his head to get a better fix on the sound.

“Oh,” I asked, “like a clock alarm?”

“No,” the guy said, “it sounds like ‘O-o-O-woo-ooo-w-O-O’.”  He did his best to mimic the sound but sound eerily like a ‘Minion’.

“That’s the guinea pig alarm,” I laughed.

“The guinea pig alarm?” the guy asked.

“Yes,” I called up, “it’s the boys complaining about the noise that you’re making.”

“Wait!” the guy asked, “they complain?”

“Yeup,” I said proudly.

“Go ahead and put in another screw and listen for them…” I instructed him.  The guy put in another screw and the boys responded in kind.

“Wheeeeeekk!” Lamont complained.

“Brrrurrrurrppp, wheek,” Fred added his two cents.

“That’s really funny!” the guy called from the top of the ladder.  He moved and put in another screw.  As soon as the screw was in, he stopped and listened for the boys.  The complained back to him.  “That’s awesome!” he called down to me.

“Yeah,” I giggled, “they are two cool dudes!  I’ll get them and you can meet them when you’re done.”

“Sure!” he said with a smile and went back to work.  I noticed that as he worked, he stopped and listened for the boys’ response to his tool noise.  I also noticed that he had a large grin on his face.

When the gutters were installed, I grabbed the boys and they met the three workers.  These three tough guys all melted when they held Fred and Lamont.  They cooed and awed at them.  I think it was a nice break from their normal day.  It was a good day for everyone…and the gutters look great, too.  – KA


  1. A truly great adventure, and much better than the niece.

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