Posted by: kerryannekay | July 20, 2017

Sack No!

The introduction of new items into the boys’ cage is important for their enrichment.  I buy guinea pig safe chew toys and new snuggles for them when I see something cute.  Everything that is not editable has been rejected…flat out rejected…

Two months ago, I ordered these two really cute snuggle sacks for the boys.  They had cute frogs leaping on lily pads on the outside and a cute green on the inside.  I washed the new sacks with the boys’ laundry.  That way I could ensure a bit of scent transfer and wash off any old scents.

When I placed the sacks in their cage, they sniffed at them curiously.  Fred even walked in and out of one.  I thought they liked them.  I thought wrong.

I left the boys alone with their new sacks for a couple of hours.  When I returned they had clearly not gone near the sacks.  There was a line of beans delineating the sack side of the cage from the rest of it.  To top it off, both boys were sound asleep together in their hut!  Fred and Lamont like being near each other but rarely share anything.

“Don’t like these?” I asked the boys as they emerged from the sack.  “Okay,” I conceded, “You can have the old ones back…”  As I removed the sacks, the boys stood curiously looking at me.  “Here,” I declared as I put the old sacks back into the cage.  Both boys started to popcorn.  “Yes, it’s your old sacks,” I giggled.  The boys began to run in circles using the two sacks a passages.  “Okay, okay,” I sighed, “I’ll let you keep the old sacks.”

I have done five or six repairs on the boys’ old sacks.  They reject the new sacks each time I have placed them in their cage.  I now just leave them next to the cage.  I hope one day that they will smell enough like the boys to switch out for the old ones… I’m not hopeful.  Those two are set in their ways! – KA



  1. Picky, picky pigs, but ya gotta just love those boys!

    • The best type of GP is a spoiled one! – F&L

      • Yes – all guinea pigs should be spoiled!

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