Adventure and Love

Alfalfa was my guinea pig for four years.  He was a feisty boar with an attitude.  Alfalfa was a rescue and had many health issues because of poor conditions before he found me.  Alfalfa enjoyed biting my toes, scaring off the Maintenance Guy, and annoying the neighbors next door.  This blog is dedicated to his memory, his love, and his adventures.




Alfalfa’s Original “About Alfalfa”:  

“I’m just an average guinea pig with an awesome sense of adventure. I’m also a rescued guinea pig. My previous name was “Buckley”…YUCK! I’m not sure of my birthday because one celebrated it with me. I like to do zoomies on the floor, squeak a lot, and eat even more. I’m an expert pooper! I can provide you with evidence if you need it. I love timothy hay, carrots, and my pellets. I like to take long walks…just as long as they are around my mom’s feet as I trip her up. I don’t like the vet or the maintenance guy… grrrrrr… I like to keep my mom up at night when she’s trying to sleep. I support adoption of rescues. ALL of my mom’s animal companions have been rescues. I love her for that. I hope you like reading about my adventures.”



  1. A link of yours was posted at Guinea Pig Today and so I popped over to your site. Your articles are enjoyable!

    I blog about animal welfare and am looking for posts about guinea pigs to reprint at our site. Would you be open to sharing your expertise at our blog?

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  2. Email sent. Thank you!

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