Posted by: kerryannekay | August 20, 2015

A Customer Review of the “Universal Green Food Processing”

About a year ago, I received two “Universal Green Food Processing” units.  They were advertised to be the ‘world’s most efficient processor’. The instructions I received were simple.  I was to place trays of greens in front of the units.  Presented with greens, the units would automatically receive the greens through their front panel and process it.  After twelve hours, the units should have produced compact, processed pellets for use in the garden.  These pellets were to be ejected from the rear panel.  In addition to the greens, the instructions stated to provide water for the units.  The water was to keep the units well oiled.  The instructions stated that the units would remove excess water automatically.  Finally, the units were supposed to ‘run silently’.

These units do not function as advertised.  First, the units do not process “all forms of greens”.  These two units are selective on the greens they process.  Second, the unit inputs and outputs were supposed to be balanced for mass.  However, upon measurement, it was discovered that the mass output is 150% higher than the mass input.  This imbalance is creating an excess of processed pellets. Third, the units have been constantly over-oiling themselves.  There is a constant stream of foul smelling water being left behind by the units.  Next, the units do not ever run in silent mode.  There are no knobs, buttons, or input ports to correct the loud operating conditions of the units.  Finally, the units are not efficient.  They spend most of their time in “sleep mode”.  During sleep mode, the unit do not process as advertised.

I do not recommend that you purchase the “Universal Green Food Processing” unit.  Clearly these units do not behave as advertised.  They take much more care, greens, water, and maintenance than the most consumers wish to put into the units.  However, rescuing or adopting two or more units may be the solution to many consumers dissatisfaction.


Happy One Year Anniversary to my boys Fred and Lamont!  I love you both!  I am so proud to be your mom.  I look forward to many more years with both of you.  – Kerry Anne


  1. Awe

  2. I have a picky food processing unit as well. He is doing much better than he did a year ago. When he got here he only ate pellets and hay. His first bite of carrot was spit out! Now he enjoys a variety of food including carrots.

  3. You sure have adorable “Food Processing” units!

    • Thank you! We sure are! – F&L

  4. Haha cute post! Happy gotcha day to the boys.
    My processing units seem to run on a 20 minute cycle – 20 minutes after they finish the greens, a nice pyramid of shiny fresh beans shows up! They may be noisy but sure are cute 🙂

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