Posted by: kerryannekay | December 4, 2014

I just woke up.  No really…I just woke up.  So, this blog is going to be a bit different from what I had planned originally for today.  About three hours ago, I finished dinner.  My back was really bothering me.  One of the best things that I can do for my back is take some medicine and lie down on the floor to stretch out.  So, I lay down on the floor in the boys’ area.  I figured that I would hang with my boys while my back relaxed…

Did I mention that I’ve been having problems sleeping because of my back?  Yeah, I haven’t slept well in quite a while.  So, I quickly fell asleep.  I was out cold for three hours.  A lot can happen during three hours.  You can watch a good movie.  You can drive about 200 miles.  And, your two guinea pigs can pull a joke on you.

As I drifted out of sleep, I felt two things: something was nibbling on my nose and my left hand was in a warm puddle.  I opened my eyes and saw a black and white blur.  “Lamont,” I yawned, “That’s my nose, dude.”  He didn’t care and continued to sample my nose like it was gourmet cherry.  I blew out air from my nose in an attempt to discourage more nibbling.  Lamont popcorned and reached out to nibble again.  “Duuuudddeee…” I warned a bit louder.  Lamont realized I was awake, turned, and ran leaving a trail of beans behind.

I sighed and closed my eyes.  As I started to lift my arm, I felt the warm wet substance roll up my arm.  “Yuck!” I said lowering it back down. “Fred!” I called.  He came trotting up from my feet.  “Come here, dude,” I said.  Fred approached my face.  “Listen,” I said, “I know you peed on my hand…”  Fred popcorned in response.  “Uhhhhuuuuu…” I sighed, “Get your butt out of here, you bratt…”  Fred quickly followed in Lamont’s tracks.

I sat up keeping my hand as close as possible to its original position. As I looked down I saw it was wet.  But there was another present in my palm.  One of the boys had left a bean on my palm.  I started to giggle.  “How did one of you two manage that?” I asked turning to the boys at my left.  Fred and Lamont mistook my tone for praise.  Both started popcorning.  “Yea,” I agreed, “I’d be excited too if I managed that one…”  I giggled at my boys.  They sensed my emotions and started to run zoomies past me.  “Silly boys,” I called as they passed.

Both boys ran several laps in front of me.  Lamont skidded to a stop.  “You want some ear scratches?” I asked.  He jumped.  “Ok, dude,” I said reaching out to pet him.  The bean fell out of my palm.  “Uhhhhmmmm,” I said, “Let me wash my hands first.”

I don’t know how one of the boys managed to pee on my hand and leave a bean there too.  I suspect it was Fred.  But, Lamont has developed a silly streak since he’s come home.  I’m just wondering if it was a gift of love or something else…  But, I’m thinking love.



  1. Yes – your boys really love you! This post made me smile. (I understand the back stuff – you are in my prayers)

    • Thank you. I was tired and tempted to not write it. But they “inspired” me. LOL! – KA

  2. Awww sometimes piggies surprise you in the ickiest ways! You do not want to know about the time I discovered a poop and load of hay in my bra at the office Christmas party . . . *dies of embarrassment!*


    • I’ve found poop in my pockets!

      • Here too! – Ka

    • I’ve found several in my pants pockets. It’s worse with two pigs now! Kisses to your pigs! – KA

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