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Stopping and Starting

First, I would like to thank all of your for your support in the past several weeks.  It has been an emotional roller coaster for me.  I don’t think that I could have made it without your support.  Alfalfa was a unique guinea pig…to say the least.  But I loved him with all of my heart for who he was.  He was my love bug.  There were many time where I would hold him close on my shoulder.  He would sit there and snuggle with me.  For several moments I was fooled into thinking he was a normal guinea pig.  And then he’d reach up and bite my nose.  Yea, that was my Alfalfa at his best.


The other reason for today’s blog is to talk the name “Alfalfa’s Adventures”.  I appreciate all of your suggestions and feedback on a possible name change.  I have gone back and forth between changing and keeping the name over and over.  Many of you have pointed out that I should keep “Alfalfa” in the name to memorialize the butt-head that started this entire adventure.  But that’s the cool thing…  Even though Alfalfa is gone, the adventure continues.  You see Alfalfa’s Adventures was never just about a guinea pig and his mom…  It was about living life, remember both the good and bad times, and appreciating all we have.


I have decided to keep the name “Alfalfa’s Adventures”.   Yeah!!!!  But I am still considering adding something after it.  The top possibilities are:  “Alfalfa’s Adventures:  The Legacy Lives On”, “Alfalfa’s Adventures: A Legacy of Love”, “Alfalfa’s Adventures: Part Two”, and “Alfalfa’s Adventures: Legacy and Love”.  So, what do you think?  I would love your feedback.


Also, I wanted to share some silly facts about Alfalfa that few people knew:


"My Love, Alfalfa" - KA

“My Love, Alfalfa” – KA

1) Alfalfa bit four different vets.  One of those vets needed 10 stitches.

2) Alfalfa was the only guinea pig in the vet’s office to have a ‘dangerous animal’ tag on his chart.

3) It took three people to cut Alfalfa’s nails most times… and they used cat gloves to hold him.

4) Several vets refused to see him because of his ‘bad reputation’.

5) Alfalfa bit my: nose, toes, ankles, finger, elbows, and both ears.


As you can tell Alfalfa was quite a handful.  I still have some stories that I started and never finished that I would like to publish.  Also, I have four (Stacy, Jade, Kate, and Frank) guest bloggers that will appear over the next several weeks.  Yes, I am currently looking for two or three new guinea pigs.  But, I believe that they are out there and will find me when they are ready.  SO, it’s just a waiting game.  I am in the process of revamping an area for the new babies.  Finally, I will be revising the bios on the blog and Facebook pages as soon as I get the courage to do that…


As a final note, when I told the Lady next door that Alfalfa had passed, she was upset.  She said she would pray for his sole.  When I went back out later that day, she had a candle burring out in front of her door for him.  Sometimes the smallest creatures make the biggest impacts…



  1. That is so endearing about the lady across the hall. I was giggling after your “bite stats” portion of the post and then this made me tear up. He was indeed a very special little guy and will be missed. I miss him and he wasn’t even mine! We lost a very special pig in Aug 2013 and I still miss her frequently throughout the week – time does help but it still takes forever it seems! Sending you continued good wishes and I look forward to meeting the new piggies that find their way to you 🙂

    • I hope they find me fast! – KA

  2. Alfalfa, the adventure never end.
    Missed you little guy!

  3. I was really interested how the lady across the hall took it.

    • She’s still a but upset too. I think she enjoyed the battle. – KA

  4. Naughty guinea pigs are the best kind. 🙂 And once you’ve had one…well, if you ever decide to bring another guinea pig into your home, the naughty ones just know about you.

    • I hope I get more naughty ones! Alfalfa was so awesome like that. – KA

  5. Whee are not surprised how the lady across the hall reacted. Whee little piggies leave big impressions.

    Sending you lots of love and whiffles

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

    ps. Whee think reading Alfalfa’s Adventures has given Noah ideas as he has turned into a right little rascal in the past couple of wheeks!

    • Alfalfa would approve of that. Tell him I said Bravo! Thanks for the comment pigs. Love your blog. – KA

  6. Stacy likes the bad boys, too! I’m looking forward to the remaining stories! THE LEGEND LIVES!

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