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The Dude Ranch

Today’s blog is by Stacy Winnick.  She is the head farmer at Stacy’s Funny Farm.  Stacy’s is a small animal sanctuary in Seattle Washington.   Stacy has ducks, a goose, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, and a capybara.  Her capybara is named Dobby.  He’s famous for being a bit of a trouble maker…  You can read all about him here:  This week Stacy was kind enough to write a guest blog for me.  She talk about the guinea pig dude ranch she runs in the house.  Wow!  Talk about a funny farm.  I hope you enjoy.  – Kerry Anne

“The Dude Ranch”

By: Stacy Winnick

Once upon a time there were three little guinea pigs who lived at Stacy’s Funny Farm. Ziggy came from a little rescue in Everett named Forgotten Kingdom. Stevie Ray and Frederick of Hollywood came from a family with bad allergies. Stacy heard about them because she was eavesdropping at the ophthalmologist’s office.

Ziggy (back), Stevie Ray (left), and Frederick of Hollywood (right)

Ziggy (back), Stevie Ray (left), and Frederick of Hollywood (right)

One day, two more guinea pigs came to live at The Funny Farm. Their owner was caught by surprise by several significant life changes, and suddenly found himself in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets. Carl Sagan and Ankhsheshonq came to live next door as fosters.



Carl Segan

Carl Sagan

One day when it became clear that Carl and Ankhsheshonq were going to be here for a long time, the colorful bridge was moved and the cages were joined. The tiny herd ran back and forth to the ends of both cages until they fell asleep, exhausted!

Two became one and all were happy!

“No hair salon?  How am I expected to live here?” – Fredrick of Hollywood

C&C cages: a 2×5 and a 2×4 joined at the corner, an assortment of wood huts and pigloos, Pacific Northwest hemfir shavings, redundant food bins and water bottles.  Waist high IKEA support tables make cage cleaning easier and provide space for plenty of storage underneath. The MGPR calendar was a special gift to the boys!

Another good way to introduce new guinea pigs is to allow them to get acquainted in neutral territory.  The T.A.R.D.I.S. is a tight fit for five guinea pigs on their way to greener pastures.

"Dude, who farted?"

“Dude, who farted?” – Ankhsheshonq


But no authentic guinea pig story ends without another snack!

Typical snack for five hungry guinea pigs.

“That’s not enough for us! We want more!!!” – Ziggy

When the gigantic rodent is away (Dobby), the smaller rodents take over his kitchen territory. They always enjoy their floor time together.

Floor Time = Fun Time (Fred, Carl, and Ziggy on the kitchen floor.)

“Tag!  Your it!” – Carl
(Fred, Carl, and Ziggy on the kitchen floor.)

I have read that boars can’t get along, but mine are doing just fine. Ziggy, Stevie Ray, and Frederick are neutered, but the fosters, Carl and Ankhy, are not. They had plenty of time to get acquainted, lots of neutral territory to explore, a nice big cage, and an abundance of treats.

Don't tell Dobby the guinea pigs are eating HIS corn! Shhhhhh!

“Don’t tell Dobby the guinea pigs are eating HIS corn! Shhhhhh!” – Fred “Corn?” – Dobby






Stevie Ray

Stevie Ray

Carl Segan

Carl Sagan

Fredrick of Hollywood  (Stevie Ray's Hair Stylist)

Fredrick of Hollywood
(Stevie Ray’s Hair Stylist)





  1. What a fun little (or not so little) herd! I love Stevie Ray, makes me miss my long-haired piggy Wendy. Thanks for sharing, and for giving all these cute critters a good home!

    • She is an awesome mom. Yes Stevie Ray seems a bit spoiled with his own hair dresser. – KA

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  3. I will just have to share this with my daughter. She bribed, oops! I mean encouraged her young ‘charge’ she looks after as a Nanny, that a Guinea Pig would be a good idea. Therefore Lucas joined the Establishment!

  4. Ankhsheshonq is The Best Name for a GPig Ever! So many of mine had Egyptian names. 🙂

    • It is great. Get that off your tongue several times fast. – KA

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