Posted by: kerryannekay | September 4, 2013


This summer I started on a bit of a health kick.  I started eating better and going for walks.  At first I didn’t like walking.  Then, I found a nice walking route by my house that was about two miles long.  I quickly grew to like the routine and the route.

An odd benefit of the walk was that I got to meet people in my neighborhood.  I would stop and say hi to people talk for a bit and continue on my journey.  Over the course of a couple of weeks, I began to anticipate people’s routines.

On my walks I would listen to music and relax.  Some days, I began to plan the blog as I was walking.  I would think about what Alfalfa had done and think about how to express myself in writing.  I would enter kind of an automatic state and let my mind wander.

One Wednesday I got home and quickly got changed to go on my normal walk.  I headed out and several kids waved at me as I left the house.  I waved back and put my ear buds in to listen to my music.  I crossed the street and saw another person.  He waved at me and pointed.  I smiled and gave him thumbs up as I continued past.  Soon I was in the walking grove and my mind wandered.

I began to ponder how to best express Alfalfa’s deviousness with the cable guy.  A family was walking the other direction.  Both kids stopped and stared at me.  They giggled and mom quickly made a gesture to hush them.  I gave them a smile and a quick wave then passed by.  I felt something on my back and turned and saw the kids still staring at me.  I waved again and picked up my pace.

I continued to walk and think about the blog.  Again, another friendly person waved at me from their porch.  ‘Wow,’ I thought, ‘This is a great walk…’  I continued with a renewed spring in my step.  I walked and walked my course and my mind wandered.

At the end of my walk I saw the same kids from the start of the walk.  They giggled at me.  I ignored them figuring it was just them being rude.  No big deal.  I continued into my house.  I was feeling awesome.  I was feeling fit.  I was feeling thinner.  I walked over to the mirror to take a good look at the new me.  Besides, I was two miles thinner.  I wanted to admire that in the mirror.

My image shocked me.  Both my shirt and shorts were inside out…  They didn’t match at all…  And my socks were two different colors…  They didn’t match anything…  “WHAAAAA?” I said to my image.  “I look like a total idiot…”  Then all of those nice people during my walk, the kids, the waves, all hit me.  “Those people were not waving at me…they were trying to tell me that my clothing was inside out…”  I was totally clueless.

I heard Alfalfa sniffing nearby.  I turned, “You see this?” I said to him.  “I’m an idiot for going out like this…”  Alfalfa huffed at me and walked away.  I called, “Well, you didn’t have to agree with me…”  Turned back I admonished myself one more time, “Idiot…” then went off to take a shower.


  1. We all have those days. Embrace your inner three year-old and go with it.

    • That’s a fantastic idea. It’s funny how the best things can turn into something else. Thanks for your comment and support. – Kerry Anne

      • I own purple Converse tennis shoes and make it my policy to never be more than 98% grown up. I did — in a frantic search after realizing my keys were NOT where they were supposed to be last night — dash out the door with my shirt pulled on backwards over the tank top under it. Nobody died, but I was temporarily tag itchy. There comes a place in life when you can’t change it, just roll with it. I do not recommend this fashion statement at firmal dinners and job interviews however.

        If all else fails, just go with the whole absent-minded professor thing and declare that important scientific thought could not be interupted by fashion.

      • Val, I use the absent minded professor thing too often already. – Kerry Anne

  2. I’ve gone to a wedding with my dress inside out before. Soo embarrassing. Trying to get it off and turn it in the right way in a toilet cubicle . . . not easy and not my finest hour!


    • Yeah, we’ve all done it. That’s why It’s so amusing to me. I don’t take these things personally. After all it would be myself making fun of me! LOL! – Kerry Anne

  3. I have lost count of the times I have appeared in public with my shirt on backwards. I usually wear t-shirts or polos.

    • Do you ever wonder what other think of you? I got a glimpse of that on the walk. I’m such an idiot. – Kerry Anne

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