Posted by: kerryannekay | March 9, 2021

V.E.T. versus V.E.I.P.

Back at the end of January, I became a foster mom to two guinea pigs. Their names are Drogon (female) and Orbit (male). They are a bonded pair and quite lovely. I never expected to have guinea pigs back in the house soo soon. Their Aunt Becky made the offer of the foster and sent me a pig-ture of them. I couldn’t resist… who could? I call Orbit “my fluffy cloud” because he looks like a cloud in the setting sun and feels like one too. Drogon has an attitude. She quickly earned “Miss D” as a nickname when she’s behaving and “Sassy” when she’s not. Can you guess which one comes out of my mouth more often than not?

The other day, I took the lovely couple to their vet. Orbit’s nose was running and I needed to get that checked out. Both guinea pigs got nail trims. All in all it was a very successful trip. We got home the other night and the couple was rewarded with dinner.

When I was finished teaching today, I had to take a trip to the Vehicle Emission Inspection Point or VEIP for short. So, I jumped in my car and set off. After a quick stop to get gas, I wound up in a 15 car line at the inspection station. I put my audiobook on and sat in line. I was finally able to pull into a stall 20 minutes later…

“May I have your inspection notice?” I was asked by the working employee as I rolled down my window.

“Oh, sorry, I thought it was done by license plate number. Let me grab it,” I responded as I reached over to the the glove box, opened it, and grabbed the top paper out of it. “Here you go!” I cheerfully said while handing the paper to employee.

The employee looked over paper and then down at me sitting in the car. He asked, “So, you’ve got two guinea pigs named Drogon and Obrit?”

“Yes!” I responded in awe of the employee’s information, “but…” I didn’t get the chance to finish.

“And they had nail trims yesterday?” he asked.

In complete and total shock I responded, “Yes! Wow, are you a fan of my page or blog?” I will be the first to admit that I was feeling a bit proud of the fact that I may have been recognized by one of the blog’s fans. I was floating a bit on that feeling.

He then added, “And Orbit had a bit of a clear discharge but he’s feeling better now?”

I was complete shock, “What? How did you know…” I asked trailing off. My floating feeling turned to one of dread. This guy knew too much.

“Well, you gave me the bill for your guinea pigs’ visit to the vet yesterday,” he informed me while holding up the bill so I could see it and added, “and not the inspection notice…”

“Uhhhhhhh…” I groaned as I blushed bright red in embarrassment. “Sorry about that…,” I tried to giggle but it came out as a nasal honk. “Let me find the correct paper for you…” I leaned over and started to tear apart glove box throwing most of it on the car floor in order to find the inspection paper. All I could hear was the sound of the employee giggling at me. I called out, “I’m normally more organized than this,” as I was hanging over the shifter and half in the footwell. After looking through another set of papers, I finally found it. “Here!” I declared in triumph throwing myself back up to a sitting position in the driver’s seat. With the momentum, I managed to throw the paper at him.

“I’ll give this back to you,” he giggled and handed the vet bill back to me. With the correct paper in hand, he turned and walked back over to the computer.

“Listen, I’m super sorry about that,” I called to the employee as I popped out of my car. I desperately needed to salvage some of my dignity.

“Don’t worry about it,” he laughed. He plugged my car into the system. We both stood there quietly as the computer counted down from 60 seconds. After the test was done he asked, “So you like guinea pigs?” He stamped the inspection paper and handed it back to me.

“Oh, yes,” I said taking back the paper, “These two are a trip!” I gestured at the vet bill, “Such personalities!” The employee opened the car door for me. “Thank you,” I said with a nod while getting back into my car.

“So,” he explained, “you’re good to go… I mean if that’s all you need…”

“Thanks!” I called as I started my car.

“You know,” he added out of the middle of nowhere, “you’re phone number is on the vet bill.”

“Oh, thanks!” I cluelessly replied, “Wouldn’t want to lose that,” I added with a giggle. “Am I good to go?” I asked again as I started the car.

“Yeup,” the employee said. I put the car in drive and pulled away slowly. “You’ve got your paper?” I heard him ask the backside of my car.

As I pulled up to the stop sign and stopped, I grabbed the vet paper on the seat next to me and giggled. “That was stuu…” was all I got out before I realized what happened. “OH, MY GOD!” I shouted as I pounded the steering wheel, “I’m a frigging idiot! Oh, my god!” I turned to look back at the garage and quickly considered my options. I thought about turning left and just getting back in the inspection line or pulling into the parking spots and running in.

A car horn broke my train of thought. “OY!” I heard come from the driver behind me. Reluctantly I put the car into drive and pulled away from the stop sign and towards the exit. As I drove home I grumbled to myself at the lost of a potential adventure that I had missed.

Life is an adventure and you need to pay attention for those small opportunities… Even if they come in the form of a vet bill. Much love. – KA



  1. Love your stories – they make me smile!

    • Thank you! It’s my goal to bring joy to others with the blog. – KA

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