Posted by: kerryannekay | June 2, 2020

Happy 7th Birthday Fred and Lamont!

Time sure flies when your having fun. And boy, has it gone fast with Fred and Lamont. I can’t believe they are 7 years old today! I’ve been with them for close to 6 years now! Amazing.

Originally, I thought that Fred and Lamont didn’t have an exact birthday. I knew that I adopted them on August 1st and they were about a year old. So, I went with it! And, I went with it for Birthday’s 2 through 6.

When I found the adoption paper, I decided to look at it closely. It had the day of their adoption, August 1st 2014 and their Birthday, June 1, 2013! “Whaaattt?” is all I got out when I read the paper. I had to tell the boys!

“Boys,” I called when I walked into the bedroom. “Did you know you were born on June 1st, 2013 NOT August 1st?” I asked them both. Fred looked up at me blankly as he chewed some lettuce. Lamont let out a small chatter with his teeth. “Yeah, no need to talk back,” I told Lamont as I walked back over to the office with paper in hand. I ran multiple calculations through my mind. WOW! The boys were older than I thought! WOW!

Today, I spent some time reading though old blogs and old Facebook posts to reminisce about my time with Fred and Lamont. They truly have been such wonderful companions. I know that they won’t be around forever. I will cherish each day they are with me.

So, on this very special day, let me just say: Happy Birthday, Fred and Lamont! I love you both! – KA

Fred and Lamont waiting for a treat!


  1. Happy birthday sweet boys

  2. Happy birthday you handsome boys! Make sure your mom gives you lots of extra love (which of course means more treats)! I love you both.

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