Posted by: kerryannekay | June 21, 2019

Summer Schedules

As many of you know, I am a high school teacher.  We are out of school for the summer.  Yeah!  For the 21st time I fit 12 months of work into 10 months of time.  It’s exhausting.  However, Fred and Lamont do not understand the concept of summer.  They will not let me sleep in.

Every morning for the past week and a half Fred and Lamont sound the alarm at no later than 6:15 am.  They don’t care how tired I am or if I don’t need to up that early.  They are hungry and demand food.  I will begrudgingly drag myself out of bed to dutifully feed them.

The problem comes in the afternoon when I leave for work.  I have to leave home at 2 pm and don’t return until 8 pm if not later.  They are used to being fed at about 5 pm.  My solution was to feed them early when I leave at 2 pm.  I then will give them a ‘snack’ when I get home.

I have created monsters.

On the days that I don’t have to leave for work, the boys are now demanding food at 6 am, 2 pm, and 5 pm.  They are eating me through house and home.  No joke.  I have to make grocery runs to the store for them two or three times a week.  I’m seriously considering a GoFundMe so they don’t drive me out of the house…  – KA



  1. I would buy a cat feeding compartment feeding tray to put in their cage at night to open at 6:15 am each morning after you fill with may help, remove after you sleep in…It open at any set time you dial in…lid lifts up…hope you can sleep in soon. !!!!

    • I love the idea. Sadly, vegetables and spring mix go bad very quickly. They won’t eat anything that wilts. Thanks for the idea. – KA

  2. What if you tried changing the time on the clocks. Do you think they would be fooled?

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