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Train-ing the Boys at 2:00 a.m.

Actually, it’s 2:15 am.  Not that you care about a 15-minute discrepancy.  But, I digress.  You may be asking yourself, ‘Why is KA writing a blog that early in the morning?’  It’s a simple answer: Fred and Lamont.  Let me explain.

My new house is between two railroad lines.  The line to the north is a cargo line and the line to the south is a passenger line.  The cargo line is closer to my house.  Sometimes you can feel the larger trains rumble by on the line.  Farther down the line, the train has to signal that it’s crossing an intersection with road traffic.  You can always hear the horn go off three times: two shorter and one longer blast.

That horn is the problem.  I can sleep through it.  However, the boys think it means, “Get up! Get up! It’s time to party!”   And that’s exactly what they do…party.  Over the past six weeks they have run laps, knocked over their bowls, wheeked loudly, and popcorned at that ungodly time in the morning.

I have tried to ignore them and just roll over in bed to go back to sleep.  My bladder has a different agenda.  It starts screaming at me, “Get up! Get up! You will pee yourself!”  So, of course, I have to get up and use the lady’s room.  The rail lines run a tight ship and the train is almost always on schedule.  So, every morning for the past six weeks, the boys have celebrated the arrival of the 2:00 a.m. train.  I’m stuck in a vicious cycle.

I have seriously considered writing the operators of the cargo line and explaining my dilemma.  I want to tell them about how their horn wakes up my boys and makes me get out of bed every morning to pee.  I want them to understand that the house and toilet seat are extra cold at 2:00 a.m.  I would ask that they move the train’s schedule back four hours to 6:00 a.m.  That’s when I have to wake up…  I think it would be more convenient for me…and the boys.  Sadly, I am only one silly guinea pig mom with two naughty boys.  I don’t think they would delay someone’s cargo by four hours to let me sleep in.  *sigh*

It’s now 2:45 a.m.  The boys have settled back down, my bladder is empty, and my bed is calling me.  I hope that tomorrow I’m able to sleep though the 2:00 a.m. train.  Good night.  – KA






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The Vet Visit

On Friday Lamont had a vet appointment for his sneezing.  Fred tagged for company and to lend some bravery to his brother.  Both of the boys hate traveling in their carrier.  Mind you, it’s large enough for a 25-pound dog.  Two 3-pound guinea pigs have plenty of room in there…plenty of room.  But, the moment I buckle the carrier into the front seat and start the car, the bickering starts.  Most parents just threaten to pull over and stop the car when their kids are misbehaving.  I have actually pulled over and stopped the car because of Fred and Lamont’s behavior…multiple times.  This trip I was lucky and they were very well behaved.

When we got to the vet’s office, we checked in.  Both Fred and Lamont were quiet.  I think they can smell the office and know what’s coming.  We didn’t wait long and were quickly called back to an exam room.  After their weigh in, the vet tech took the boys to get their nails cut.  I decided to go to the lady’s room.

I had to cross the reception area to get to and from the lady’s room.  On the way back, I heard the most awful screams and screeches from some poor beast in the work area of the clinic.  I stopped short and said to a receptionist, “That poor thing…  I wonder how bad it’s injured…” She reassured me that they were professionals and would ensure that the animal would not suffer.  I nodded and headed back to the exam room.

Fred and Lamont were not back from their nail trim.  I thought, ‘Wow, I hope that noise is not bothering them…’ as I sat down.  The screeches stopped abruptly and brought about an odd silence in the exam room.  Several moments later the vet tech came back with the boys’ carrier.  She had a huge grin on her face.

“I hope that smile means that they were well-behaved,” I said looking into their carrier.  Both boys were in their snuggle sacks.

“Well,” the tech sheepishly, “Lamont was a good boy…”

“And Fred?” I asked thinking the worse and wondering who he bit.

“He was the loud one…” she laughed.

“FRED?” I burst out in amazement.  “No, not Fred!”

“Yeup,” she smiled back at me.

“He’s the brave one,” I told her.  “Lamont is the wimp.”

“When it comes to nail trims, Fred is a wimp,” she said and added, “and a loud one.”

“My goodness,” I replied, “I thought you were torturing a cat back there!”

“Nope,” the tech said, “Just doing Fred’s nails.”

“Did someone get a quick?” I asked standing up and looking into the carrier.

“Nope,” she laughed again, “he was just a bratt…”

“Oh, my,” was all I could get out.  I thanked her and she left the room to attend to other duties.  I opened the carrier and offer Fred and Lamont some parsley.  Both boys gave me the stink-eye.  “Sorry,” I said leaving the treat. I closed the door and sheepishly retreated to my seat.  I knew I was on their ‘bean list’ and didn’t want to push it.

Several minutes later the vet came in to do Lamont’s exam.  She looked at Fred also to ensure that he didn’t have the same thing as Lamont.  Lamont’s diagnosis was what I expected: upper respiratory infection.  He was prescribed some medication and we went back out to the waiting room.  “Hey,” the receptionist called to me when she saw me.  “I heard that was YOUR guinea pig yelling about getting his nails done…” She grinned at me.

“Yes,” I acknowledged, “I didn’t know he could be that loud.  He’s got a set of lungs that are working just fine…”  The receptionist and I laughed.

Thankfully Lamont is doing much better on his medicine.  He’s not too happy about taking it.  I’m just glad he’s back to his old self.  And as for Fred, well, he may never live this one down…    – KA

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Is it Wednesday?

Yes, it’s Wednesday. It feels like it’s been a long week already. I have been at school until 6 pm twice this week and have one more late day.  I was looking forward to coming home and snuggling with the boys. 

However, Fred is hell bent on not pooping in the cage. He has made it his mission to pile as many beans on the outside of the fencing as possible. I came home to small piles of beans…everywhere his large rear would fit. I’m not sure if he’s mad at me or staring his own protests. *sigh*

After cleaning the mess, I took both of the boys out of their area and relaxed on my bed with them on my chest. Lamont sneezed and managed to coat my face with some nasty liquid. His sneeze scared Fred. So, Fred peed on me. *sigh*

As I was getting up, Lamont sneezed a second time and peed on me. I got a double soaking.  After changing, o noticed that Lamont had sneezed several more times. He now has a vet appointment on Friday.   *sigh*

But, hey, it’s Wednesday… only two more days… *sigh*   – KA 

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Plumbing and Beans

The boys have been settling in the new house nicely.  My big focus has been getting little things around the house fixed and unpacking.  Some of my friends have volunteered to help me around the house.  Last weekend, I two people over to help me.  My guests brought lunch and got to work helping me fix some items in the house.  One of the biggest issues I was having was with dishwasher and upstairs shower.  We set to work on the shower first.

As I worked on the shower, my friend Bill went and visited with Fred and Lamont.  “Is this normal?” Bill called from the bedroom.

“What’s normal?” I called back.

“Do they normally push their butts up against the cage?” Bill asked.

“Oh, that?” I said putting down my wrench.  I got up and walked over to the bedroom.  Fred had his butt pressed up against the cage.  He was letting the last of a large pile of bean fly.  “Fred!” I scolded him.  Several more beans flew as Fred took off for his cozy.

Bill laughed at sight and declared, “He’s got quite an aim!”  Bill leaned over and pulled a bean off his foot and casually tossed it back into the cage.

“Oh, Fred,” I sighed, “That’s not nice…” I then added, “Sorry about that… He’s a bugger…  Make sure you wash your hands…”

“It’s not a big deal…” Bill laughed.  “But,” he said, “He’s been hard at work…” Bill pointed at three piles of beans outside of the cage!

“Fred…” I sighed again.  “Yeah, he likes to pile beans.  I guess that you could say that it’s his talent.”

Bill laughed at my comment.  He joked, “And there are neat piles on the inside of the cage too…”

“That’s Lamont…  His poop cannon isn’t as big as his brother’s,” I giggled.  Just then Lamont spooked himself and ran out of the hut in the front of the cage.  As he bolted, he ran through a pile of beans and sent them flying everywhere.

“Beans away!” Bill called.

“Lamont!” I admonished him.

“They are good at that bean throwing thing…” Bill said stepping towards the door avoiding beans as he went.

“Let me clean this mess up and I’ll help you in the bathroom…” I sheepishly replied.  Bill nodded and went back to work in the bathroom.  I grabbed the dust-buster and sucked up all of the errant beans around the boys’ cage.  After I was finished, I leaned over the cage and said, “Now you two behave!”  I closed the door and heard a chorus of complaints.  “Staaaaph!” I called to the door.

Bill came out of the bathroom with a piece of sink pipe.  “They don’t like being told what to do?” he asked.

“No,” I replied, “They are very strong willed…”

“HA!” Bill laughed, “That’s the first I’ve heard about guinea pigs being bad like that.”

“Well,” I said, “Let me tell you about Alfalfa…”

Bill and I finished the plumbing in the bathroom and went on to fix several more items in the house.  It was one of the best house warming presents I have received so far. There have been other people in the house to move items and fix things.  However, the boys are not so keen on their visit.  I think that’s a good thing… Fred and Lamont are starting to claim the house as their home.  And that’s the best gift that they can give to me. – KA

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Moving Madness

Well, it’s official! I’m all moved into the new house.  The boys are in their new spot and all is well…as well as it could be.  I’ve only had several small disasters with the new house:  The dishwasher in the flooded the kitchen.  The front door lock I installed has fallen off three times.  The shower sounds like a screaming banshee when you turn on the hot water.  The closet doors to the laundry area have fallen off several times.  The television remote is lost.  I can’t find more than five pairs of my underwear…

Despite all of this, I have had several successes:  The lock on the front door has not fallen out in three whole days.  The weather stripping on the front door has been replaced.  The issue with the dishwasher has finally been diagnosed. (I’m too chicken to do plumbing.)  The garbage man came and collected my garbage.  I pulled out three cat sized lint balls out of the dryer vent line.  I’ve changed most of my address information.  I have figured out how to back up into my spot.  I have not figured out how to park straight.  And, I’ve made really good friends with all of the employees at the local home improvement store.  You see? I can do this whole ‘home ownership’ thing!

Today was the most trying of all days.  I had to go to the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA).  I stood in line for ten minutes only to be told that I was in the wrong line.  (It was mislabeled!) Then I had to stand in another line for another ten minutes to be given a ticket to use an ‘automated’ kiosk.  I was told my change of address was no longer handle by ‘humans’.  I sat and waited twenty minutes to use that kiosk.  This kiosk required the user to speak a foreign language:  government-ese.  So, it took me about fifteen minutes to complete a change of address.  It felt like I lost several years of my life while at the MVA today.

I was planning on writing a blog about the boys’ behavior when I had someone in to help with the house.  But, I wound up getting home really late tonight and all that came out of me was this.

The boys are better adjusted.  I promise things will get back to normal with the blog.  And I will let you know if I ever figure out how to stop the shower from screaming bloody murder. – KA

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Oh, boys…

I’ve been crazy busy signing, paying, inspecting, and meeting about stuff for the new house.  As a result, I’ve been getting home a bit later than I usually would.  The boys don’t like it.  They have shown their discontentment by escaping…again, and again, and again, and…well, you get the idea.

Last Saturday, I got woken up by Lamont whining.  ‘He’s loud today,’ I thought as I pulled the covers over my head.  Fred joining in made it impossible for me to ignore the racket.  I sighed and rolled over throwing back the covers.  The boys released an excited chorus.  “I’m up,” I called.

I reached for my phone and knocked it between the bed and the side dresser.  As I leaned over to grab it, I saw Fred and Lamont standing on the rug next to my bed.  “Hey, guys,” I called as I put my hand on my phone.  “What?!” I exclaimed sitting upright with the speed of sound.  My sudden movement scared the boys and I heard them tear off back to their cage.

“Oh, no…” I sighed, “You guys have escaped, again.”  I put my feet down on the rug and went to stand up.  That’s when I felt several wet, soft, and sticky things on my feet.  “Poop,” I sighed as I sat down to de-bean my feet.  “You two escaped and left traps for me…  thanks,” I called to the living room.

I had to tip-toe my way to the kitchen avoiding beans the entire way.  “BOYS,” I called to the living room, “I should kick your butts!” The boys had managed to leave small piles of bean here and there in the bedroom and living room.  “And,” I added, “I’m going to have to clean this carpet too! OMG!”

As I carefully made my way to the vacuum, I continued my rant.  “This is why,” I said pulling the vacuum cleaner out with a gusto to add effect to my point, “your floor time is SUPERVISED!” I closed the closet door and stepped in another pile of bean.  “OMG!” I cried.  I vacuumed the floor and then went to fix the boys cage and feed them.

“I should starve the both of you,” I half hardheartedly threatened the boys.  “Then we will see who’s the Alpha!” I added to make my point.  Who was I kidding?  They were chowing down on their breakfast.  I spent about two hours using the rug cleaner to make sure that ALL of the boys presents were gone.

I hope that escape thing this is just a phase for them.  Fred and Lamont do get plenty of floor time when I’m home.  They like to chew on furniture, hide behind furniture, and chew on cords.  That’s why I have to supervise them.  I do love them and their antics.  I just wish they wouldn’t poop so much when on these unsupervised excursions.  *sigh*



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It’s been a long day.  I’ve had two house related appointments.  I am really looking forward to moving into the new house.  Right now, I live in a literal shoe box sized apartment.  As as consequence, I barely have any room for furniture.  Filling the new house has constantly on my brain since my bid was accepted.

I have downloaded several of my favorite store apps to browse and make lists of items that I like.  I usually start on those apps and then quickly loose my focus…  Where does it go?  Well, I always wander over to websites that have  creative ways to set up and expand Fred and Lamont’s house.  *sigh*

I can’t decide on what color kitchen table, a lamp, or a sofa set.  But, I have managed to mark six or seven websites of potential housing ideas for them.  I don’t own a decent bed.  But, I have multiple cuddle cups picked out for the boys.  My couch was destroyed in a small flood.  But, I’ve decided to get the boys a two deluxe wooden huts for the new house.

I think there is something wrong with me.  Is this normal?  Perhaps I have GP-itis.  Did my boys dose me with some sort of potion?  I don’t know.

Be sure to keep an eye out for me at the end of January in your favorite furniture store… I’ll be the one aimlessly wandering around while mumbling about how there are no couches that match the boys’ cuddle cups.



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House Hunting

It’s the holiday season… Oh, yeah…  I’m not too excited. Can you tell?  Well, I’ve been searching and trying to buy my first house.  Most people would be really excited at the prospect of purchasing their first house…not me.  What a process.  I wish the realtor would just give me a menu.  Then I could order something and ask the people living there to take with them what I don’t like.  For example, I would trade a damp cellar from one house for a bathroom in another.  But it doesn’t work like that. *sigh*

I do think that my realtor is a saint.  She has dealt with all of my nerves, questions, and silly comments.  However, what makes her the best is that she GETS the fact that the house has to meet the needs of myself, Fred, and Lamont.  We have had multiple conversations like:

First House:

Realtor: “Oh, and the guiena pigs could have this bedroom!” *opens door to bedroom*

Me: “Why would I want to banish them to another room?”

Realtor: “They could have so much space.”

Me: “No, I like Fred and Lamont near me.  I can listen to them when I sleep.  They always keep me company.”

Realtor: “Really?”

Me: “Yea, it’s really comforting to hear them chewing on some hay or quietly chortling with each other…  You get used to them and all of their little noises.  I would miss that…”

Realtor: *nods*

Second House:

Realtor: “Oh, look at the size of this master bedroom…  You and the guiena pigs could fit in here…”

Me: “Well, yes, but…”

Realtor: “But?”

Me: “Well, I was looking to make their cage a bit bigger for them in the new house.”

Realtor: “How big?”

Me: “Like this entire corner… That doesn’t leave much room for my bed…”

Realtor: *nods*

Third House:

Realtor: “This is a nice house?”

Me: “No comments about the guinea pigs?”

Realtor: “Well, the master bedroom is a bit smaller…so you may not like it for you and the boys.”

Me: “Ahhh… Ok, I’ll keep an open mind…”

Fourth House:

Relator: “This is a nice room…”

Me: “I don’t like this whole house…”

Realtor: “Why?”

Me: “It needs a lot of work to get it clean enough…”

Realtor: “Clean enough?”

Me: “Lamont is really sensitive and I need to keep his environment really clean to keep him healthy…  I’d have to hire a lot of people to clean this place to make it ok for him…”

Realtor: *nods*

Fifth House:

Me: “I really like this house…”

Realtor: “It’s a nice layout, clean, big, and has a bunch of new appliance.  I think that you and the guinea pigs will be happy here…”

Me: “Yes, I agree… But…”

Realtor: “Yes?”

Me: “Well, if I’m sitting in the living room, do you think I’d be able to hear Fred and Lamont calling for me?”

Realtor: “They call for you?”

Me: “They wheek when they need something.  Different calls mean different things…”

Realtor: *nods*

Me: *looks around* “Yes, I think I’ll be able to hear them… Let’s go back upstairs so I can plan where I’ll put their cage.  I like to visualize things first.”

Realtor: “You could put a couch here and a television here…”

Me: *ignores comment and continues upstairs*

I’m going back to house three and five.  I hope to put in a bid on one of them.  If I choose house three, I may have to get a smaller bed than I originally planned…  But that’s ok.  I’m willing to sacrifice a king size bed for a queen or full to give them more room.  I’ve told my realtor this fact.  Her response?  She just nodded at me.  Like I said, she’s a saint!

I’ll keep you up to date on the house progress… – KA


Congratulation to our “Cute Pet” Picture

Contest Winners:

1st:  “Chico” by Jackie Wren Coleman

2nd: “Carl Segan” by Stacie Winnick

3rd: “Sparkles” by Guinea Pigs Forever

Please PM me so I can send you your prizes! – KA

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The “Cute Pet” Contest is Here!

Greetings!  The contest is here.  I’ve post the top 10….er 11. Okay, I couldn’t decide on just 10.  But you should vote and get your family and friends to vote.   The winner will be crowned in one week.  In the case of a tie, we will have a run-off.  You can vote for up to three pets at a time.  I think you are all winners.  Thanks for your participation.  – KA

P.S. – I’ve set the answers to show up randomly…there is no meaning to the order.


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Please Excuse Me Today

I have had one long day.  After school, I had to run the boys down to the vet. Lamont has a bit of a runny nose and a sneeze.  This is something he gets every once and a while.  He’s now on medicine.  I am sure he will quickly improve.

When I took Fred out of the carrier in the exam room, I noticed the odor coming from his back side. Yeup, it was butt bath time.  When we got home, his rear end got a good scrub.  The boys are both in their cage sulking at me.  They are treating me as if I like doing this to them!

The highlight of my day was meeting one of the rescue moms from MGPR!  She’s the one that did the phone interview with me about adopting Fred and Lamont!  I was so excited and honored to meet her.  She got to see Fred and Lamont for the first time since I adopted them!  We talked about them and her current stable of guinea pigs.  I found out that she follows my blog!  Yes!  I know!  What an awesome thing to find out!

The contest ends this week. Be sure to upload your pictures of your cute pets.  And no, they don’t need to be guinea pigs.

Thank you for your understanding about the short blog.  And as always, thank you for your support.   – KA

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