Posted by: kerryannekay | December 12, 2019

Critical Care

Those of you that haven’t had a herbivore in your life have most likely heard of Oxbow’s Critical Care. It’s a life saver to help rehabilitate heal all types of herbivores. Don’t freak out; it’s not bad. Let me explain…

So, Lamont managed to get hay in his eye on Tuesday. I got it out and cleaned up the eye. But, that meant a trip to the vet. Thankfully we were able to get in on Thursday. He managed to scratch up his left cornea. He’s on a pain medication, an antibiotic eye drop, and a gel of some sort. More importantly, the boys have lost some weight…

I’ve noticed that both boys were not as interested in their dinners over the past three weeks. I’ve been watching them. Why the past three weeks? That’s when the scare over romaine and spring mix ended. Before that, they were eating really well. Green, red, and butter lettuces were the most common on their plates.

So, when the scare was over, I switched them back to their normal spring mix. Apparently, they don’t like it as much as the premium blend I’ve been serving. Shocking, huh? The two of them spoiled? Never… *cough, cough*

So, now they’ve lost weight. Oy! I talked to the vet last night about it and we came up with a plan. I’m going start giving them a bit of critical care each night. This will help them put on some weight, introduce them to the taste, and get them used to taking it. If something does happen, this will be a ‘normal’ thing for them.

Fred, of course, was the better of the two tonight. Once he decided that I wasn’t trying to kill him but feed him, he greedily ate up a 1/2 tube. Wonderful for the first time at it. Lamont whined the whole time. I gave him about 1/4 of the tube, feed Fred, and then went back and gave him the other 1/4. Done.

I’ve got to say that both of the boys really didn’t mind the process as much as I thought they would. I just had to be careful to let them chew and swallow between squirts. It went well. Fred didn’t spare a drop. Lamont is a bit of a sloppy eater.

So, that’s the current drama for the week. Old men = old men problems. Old, spoiled, rescued pets are the best kind. And, I love my two with all of my heart! – KA

This isn’t a sponsored post. But here is the link to the product I’m talking about:


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