Posted by: kerryannekay | November 22, 2019

New Habits for Old Men

When you live with animals, you get to know them and they get to know you.  That’s the deal with me and the boys.  I know their schedules, food likes, sleeping spots, and grooming habits.  However, in their old age, somethings have changed.  Here’s a list of some of those things that have changed with them:

1) Only the freshest food – Oh, heaven forbid, I give the boys slightly wilted lettuce…There will be heck to pay!  They demand only the best lettuce.  They will pick through and eat all of the ‘good lettuce’ and ignore the less than perfect ones.  Before they became old men, they’d eat anything.  Not anymore!

2) Only the mixed blend – The boys used to love timothy hay.  Then I made the mistake of giving them a mixed blend of timothy hay and orchard grass.  They won’t eat anything else!  And it’s more expensive.

3) Eating times – I have Fred and Lamont on a regular feeding schedule.  If I know I’m going to be late coming home, I will give them extra food.  However, I always face their wrath when I come home.  They will squeal and complain at me for being a half hour late.  Do they have a hidden clock in that cage?

4) Are you up? – I swear with this one, the boys are trying to kill me.  They have begun to call out for me at odd hours of the night….at the top of their lungs.  NO, it’s not them singing me the song of their people!  They whine and whine until it wakes me up.  They get louder when they realize I’m up.  In order to get them to stop, I have to call out something to them.  This happened last night three times.  I’m exhausted.

5) Poop sitting – Most boy guinea pigs like to sit on their poop.  My two have taken it to a new level.  They will get up and have several beans stuck to their side and butts.  I’ve had to use a damp washcloth to clean their backsides up at least once a week.

So, is it true that guinea pigs age like a good wine?  Only getting sweeter, more robust with age? Perhaps, but they are most definitely more stinky… pe-yew!  – KA



  1. There is just something loveable about old piggies! They just keep getting cuter and more cuddly…. and you can’t help but spoil them and treat them like kings. Always remember, “We are their slaves!.”

    • I love them sooo much! – KA

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