Posted by: kerryannekay | October 31, 2019

Halloween 2019

It’s a spooky Halloween Day,

Someone is out to get Fred and Lamont in some way!

“Boooooysss!” a voice from the stairs called.

The sound it made had them appalled!

“I’ve got dinner for you!”  

Nope, they didn’t need to think it though!

“That’s not our mom!” they said

As it climbed to stairs to Lamont and Fred!

“We must run, hide, and go away!”

“Take shelter and keep out of the fray!”

Both boys took shelter under the cover.

It felt like they would both smother!

“GO AWAY!” both boys pleaded.

Their mom is what they needed.

“Mom, oh, mom!” they screamed.

This was worse than they ever dreamed.

“Yes, my boys,” the voice choked out.

The voice was ugly without a doubt.

A hand lifted the blanket as a voice said,

“Why are you two so filled with dread?”

Fred didn’t want to look see,

Lamont let out a little wee.

“Boys, oh, boys, my voice is thick.”

“Can’t you hear that I am sick?”

Then the creature let out a honk.

Fred jumped and hit is head with a bonk.

Lamont mustered up all his wit.

He declared, “I’ll be the one to put an end to it!”

Lamont popped his noise of cover.

He was not a fighter but a lover.

“That’s mom’s smell!”

Lamont let out with a yell.

Fred swallowed his fright

To look out took all of his might.

“Mom!” Fred let out with a gasp.

“Yes, Fred,” mom replied with a rasp.

The boys shouted out, “We thought you were ghosts or ghouls!”

“No boys, I’m just sick you fools!”

So we over here all want to say,

Happy Halloween, and have a spooky day!

– Kerry Anne, Fred, and Lamont



  1. I just love your piggie poems. Those poor boys were afraid of their own mom.
    Hope a little chocolate will make mom feel better!

    • Well, I did have a sinus thing and throat thing going on… – KA

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