Posted by: kerryannekay | October 4, 2019

Dinner time?

Since school has started, I have been coming home at between 3:45 pm and 5:30 pm.  The exact time most days varies.  Last year the slight variety in times didn’t bother them.  This year, they are being incredibly picky.

Yesterday, I got home at 4:30 pm.  I put together the boys dinner and went upstairs to feed them.  As soon as I stepped on the bottom stair step, I heard the complaining from the bedroom.  “Boys?!?” I called from the steps.  The noise stopped and then got even louder. 

When I opened the door and walked into the room, Fred and Lamont sprinted from the bedroom area to the kitchen area of their cage.  Lamont tripped himself up over the wooden bridge between the area and faceplanted into the kitchen area.  “Ooof!” I said in reaction and then added, “You okay, dude?” Lamont didn’t even skip a beat he sprinted to the empty dish. “He’s fine!” I told the room.  I put down the dish and the boys went to work on it. They were eating like they hadn’t been feed in weeks.

On Monday, I got home a bit early at 3:40 pm.  So, I went through my routine and got the food ready for the boys. As I went upstairs, it was dead quiet.  “Boys?” I called from the stairs as I do every day. Again, it was very quiet. 

When I walked into the bedroom, the boys were nowhere to been seen.  I went over the cage and saw two pairs of feet sticking out from under the side of the snuggle sacks.  “Sleeping, I see,” I told the feet.  I put the new food down and went to change.  When I was done, I told the boys, “Okaayyyy, time to eat.” There was no response.  Both boys were still out cold.  “I shook my head, “I can’t win,” was all I could say to them. 

So, the fall time change is coming up soon.  I don’t look forward to what’s going to happen to the boys’ feeding schedule. Grumpy old men… – KA



  1. I’ll bet you’re right that the time change will throw them off! Good luck, and be ready for anything!

    • Yeah. I have a hard time. Can’t imagine what it’s like for animals that don’t understand time change. – KA

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