Posted by: kerryannekay | September 20, 2019

The Vet Visit

Fred had an appointment at the vet last Wednesday.  He was seen because I noticed that he was slowing down and having difficulty walking.  Thank goodness for his vet.

When we got the vet, I was very nervous for Fred.  He and his brother are old men… 6.25 years old to be exact!  So, I expected them to slow down and have some old man problems.  However, this had occurred since their last visit in June.  Remember that visit?  The one where the vet complimented me on how good the boys looked?  Yeah, that’s why I was so concerned about Fred.  This downturn happened in less than two and a half months.

In the examination room, Fred went through an extensive evaluation.  The vet commented that his knees seemed a bit enlarged.  He recommended an x-ray to determine if Fred had arthritis or something else.  The x-ray was the only way to get a good diagnosis.  SO, off he went with the technician…whining all the way.

Lamont herd his cries and started to whine back.  I went over to the carrier and got Lamont out of it.  I put him on my left shoulder…Fred’s side… and told him that his brother was going to be fine.  Lamont snuggled into my shoulder and let out a little shudder at Fred’s protest from the back area.  “I know,” I comforted Lamont, “it’s scary for me too.  This is the best way to help your brother.”  Lamont sighed and snuggled in a bit tighter into my neck.

Five minutes later Fred was back.  As soon as he and the vet tech entered the exam room, he called out for his brother.  Lamont answered back and began to struggle.  “Okay,” I sighed, “the moment is over and you want your brother.”  I put Lamont back in the carrier and then took Fred from the vet tech.  Lamont squealed in protest from the carrier.  “Fine,” I told him, “You can have your brother back.”  I gingerly put Fred back into the carrier.  The two of them began to chortle and squeak at each other.  They were happy to see each other.

After about five minutes, the vet came back in with a diagnosis.  Fred had osteoarthritis and it was bad in his knees.  He was prescribed an anti-inflammatory and a supplement for his joints.  As the vet and I talked about Fred’s care, the two of them continued to greet each other and make happy noises.  “They are really bonded,” the vet remarked.

“Yeah,” I said, “They are brothers.  That’s why I was so worried.”

“Because you think Lamont will develop this too?” the vet asked.

“No,” I explained, “If Lamont develops this, I will get him treatment and do what’s best for him.  It’s just that if I lose one of them, I know the other one isn’t going to hang in long…  The left behind brother’s heart will break…”

“You can get another one to bond with the survivor…” the vet said trying to comfort me. 

“I know.  I will,” I said through tears, “My heart literally broke when I lost Alfalfa and my heart is big…  How will a tiny heart like their’s be able to survive such a loss?”

“Right now, other than his knees, he’s very healthy.  Actually, they are both doing remarkably well for their age,” the vet reassured me.  “Take it one day at a time and enjoy them both… they are old men.”

I giggled at his comment. “You mean grumpy old men?” I asked with a smile.

As I drove home with the boys in their carrier, I listened to them talk with each other. Lamont was clearly comforting Fred.  Usually, Fred comforts Lamont as Fred’s the brave one and Lamont’s the sissy.

When we got home, I started Fred on his medicines.  Today it has been a week and a day since I started Fred’s medicines.  He’s doing much better.  He is eating more, walking better, and just seems to be in a better mood.  Back to the usual grumpy old man. 

I don’t know how much longer I’ll have the boys in my life.  I do know that I will love, cherish, appreciate, spoil them each and every one of those days.  They, like my other pets, have changed me and taught me so much about pure love.  That is a lesson I will never forget.  – KA



  1. I’m so happy that Fred is feeling better. I understand how you feel about these grumpy old men. You have some wonderful pigs there!

    • Thank you. Two of the best attributes for a pet: a rescue and old. – KA

  2. Prayers for you and your boys.

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