Posted by: kerryannekay | July 20, 2019


No matter how you say it “tomatOOOH” or “tomAAAto” or “tomOOOto” or “maaateer”, all I hear is one word:  PROBLEM.  Yes, the tomatoes that I have in two pots as ‘decorations’ at the front of my house have become a large, errr, number problem.

I have two plants out front.  The first is a pink tomato plant.  It produces large, pink, sweet tomatoes about once every other week.  They are great for grilling and putting on burgers.  I am happy to consume them and don’t wind up with extra.  The other plant is a completely different story.

The other plant is a variety of a plum tomato called a Sungold.  That thing is out of control.  Yes, I know the tomatoes are small and sweet but I’m not a fan of tomatoes in general.  I’ve figured out that if I grill the big one and put it on a burger, I’m good.  However, these can’t be grilled and I’ve got waaaaay too many.

The boys have graciously offered to help me with the consumption of these tomatoes with one stipulation:  they always have to be the perfect ripeness.  Too ripe or not ripe enough, they will outright refuse to eat them.  I have collected plates from them that are completely clean but for the tomatoes that are not to their liking.  I’ve had to resort to extreme measures.

I have taken pictures of several tomatoes at different ripeness and tried to compare the left overs to those pictures.  There’s only one problem, I can’t tell what is what when I examine the leftovers.  *sigh*

I did come up with a new solution: I started cutting each of the ripe tomatoes differently.  That way when I examine the leftovers, I can tell what the boys did and didn’t eat.  I’ve got a picture of an ‘example’ of the perfect ripeness on my phone that I have to compare to every tomato I put on their plate.  It’s a pain in the rear checking those tomatoes.

I have tried to pawn some of the tomatoes off on my neighbors.  The only problems is that I’ve given the neighbors: boxes and boxes of butter lettuce, jars of homemade pickles, a jar of pickled jalapeno peppers, and tons fresh cayenne peppers.  There’s only so much a neighbor can take off of my hands.  I’ve also pawned many of the same things on my parents.  Don’t worry, my refrigerator is FULL of pickled everything!  I’m up to my ears with this stuff.

To make matters worse, people have stopped accepting my hot peppers (and I’ve got a ton of those).  Apparently, I’ve got a knack for growing them “hotter than they should be”.  I’ve texted two people offering to give them some of the hot peppers.  Alas, no one’s responded.  Perhaps they’ve gotten wind of my proclivity for growing super-hot peppers.

When I bought my house, I thought it would be fun to plant somethings.  So far, it’s been more work than fun…  Now I know why – KA



  1. I wish I were your neighbor!!! I would be eating good!!!!

    • Yeah, I think they’ve lost weight too from the number of salads they’ve had this summer. – KA

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