Posted by: kerryannekay | March 8, 2019


Recently I was contacted by someone who needed a new home for their chinchillas.  The person was despite to find a new home for them.  The family that bought these two chinchillas had a child and didn’t have the time to take care of them.   I gave it a long thought, did some research, and decided not to take them…

That’s why I’m writing this blog.  I wanted to write something about responsible pet ownership.  I know that if you are reading this, you are a mostly likely not the person I need to talk with.  But not everyone thinks like you and I…responsibly.  You see pets are only in your life for a short period of time but, you are in their life for the entire thing.

I always tell people to do research on the pet that they are interested in adopting.  What do they eat?  What kind of vet care do they need?  How do you groom them?  How do you handle them?  How long do they live?  Knowing the facts about what pet you are adopting is so important.  In fact, it could save the pet’s life!

I did my research about chinchillas.  My heart wanted them but my brain knew I couldn’t take care of them as well as they needed.  I’ve got Fred and Lamont.  I pour my heart, soul, and resources into their care.  I have committed to them fully.  Adding two more pets in my life just wasn’t in the cards.  It saddens me that not everyone thinks about their pets like I do.  They are my family.

I always get nervous this time of year about what I see on-line.  People posts about buying rabbits and chicks at the store as Easter gifts for their children.  I fear for those poor babies.

About two months from now, I will go for a walk in the local park and see a dozen or more of those Easter gifts abandoned and struggling to survive.  They are no longer cute, no longer wanted, and no longer safe.  I always have to stop going to the park for a while because I’m afraid I’ll see the aftermath of some tragic event.  My heart would shatter.

Pets are for life.

I would like to ask a favor of all of you that may make a difference and help stop pets from being abandoned.  Be smart with where you put your money and time.  Choose companies that support adoption and rescue.  Got to your local shelter or rescue and choose to adopt and rescue.  Volunteer for or donate to organizations that rescue.  Always spay and neuter your pets.

My brother, mother, and myself have NEVER bought a pet.  We have always rescued or adopted.  I am so proud of that family value.  I hope that you will adopt the same value we have:  Adopt.  Don’t Shop.  – KA



  1. So true, and so sad.

    • It’s so sad for me to see those babies in tubs at the feed store. I never shop there. – KA

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