Posted by: kerryannekay | February 15, 2019

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!  On one of the sweetest days of the year, I thought I would share three of the sweetest things about Fred and Lamont…

Every time I pick up Fred and Lamont, they like to squirm around in my arm or on my lap until they are comfortable.  Once they settle in, they are completely still and I can feel them melt into me.  At the end of the melt, both always let out a sigh.  The three of us are at peace with each other.  This has to be the nicest way to spend time.

At night, Lamont likes to sneak next to Fred in one snuggle sack.  Fred always protests.  I don’t think it’s a real protest.  I think it’s Fred putting on a show.  Once Fred gives in, there is peace and quiet.  It’s a lovely silence.  Lamont will quietly chortle to himself when he’s falling asleep next to Fred.  I think it’s comforting for them both.  I can look under the cover and see them next to each other.

Every time I put a meal down for the boys, Lamont will not enter the kitchen area before Fred.  If Fred is sleeping, Lamont will whine and complain that he’s hungry until Fred gets up and goes to the dish.  Once Fred starts to eat, Lamont feels free to eat.  They are inseparable when they are eating.  They are a family that always eats together.

So, on this day of love, don’t forget to show some love to your pets.  They show their love everyday.  – KA


  1. One of the greatest things about guinea pigs is the way they each have their own personality and ways of expressing themselves. I often think of days in the past and how each and every special little fur wrapped being has expressed love in their own way. About how they have had different ways they preferred being held. Christie diving into a tomato not caring how much of it she got on her face. Dainty Barley who I have never seen with anything on his face. The joys of seeing one nose through their salad to see what is their before grabbing with obvious joy the tastiest morel in the bowl.

  2. Gotta love those boys! Give them each a kiss on the nose for me.

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