Posted by: kerryannekay | January 18, 2019

Winter Blues

So winter is here. There are benefits to being a teacher in the winter. Unexpected late opening, early dismissals, and school closing are the top three.

Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching and I love my students. But, I still get a thrill hearing about a schedule change due to inclement weather. It’s the kid in my heart.

The boys are bunkered down in their snuggle sacks most days and nights now. I’ve added a towel over the snuggle sacks to keep them extra warm. The problem is, they never want to leave there…even for meals.

I’ve stuck my hands in their sacks to tickle their butts and it’s time to eat. I’m always met with loud protests and lots is squirming. I’ve got to admit, it’s like an warm oven in there… Fred and Lamont may have a good idea.

It’s supposed to be brutally cold this weekend (8F/-14C). So as I write this I am trying to figure out how to create my own snuggle sack. It hit me: the internet!

I found one on my favorite shopping site. I paid for express shipping. It should be here on Sunday. I’ve included the picture below. The boys have the right idea! – KA

“MY snuggle sack!” – KA



  1. You’ll need to let us know if it works. I just hide under the covers.

  2. It looks so comfy!

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