Posted by: kerryannekay | October 31, 2018

Halloween 2018

“What’s that noise?”

On a dark and dreary Halloween night,

Fred and Lamont heard a noise that gave them a fright.

Lamont said, “Oh, my, it’s a monster I fear!”

Fred replied, “I think it came from the house’s rear!”

“Mom, oh, mom!” both boys yelled to their mom in her bed,

She didn’t respond…perhaps she was dead?

“Oh, Lamont,” Fred cried,

“I think our mom died!”

Lamont said, “Don’t cry; don’t pout,”

“I’ve got a plan to break out!”

They chewed and chewed on their cage,

Their teeth did a spell like a mage.

The bars parted and they were free,

Off to their mom to go and see!

The boys ran and ran,

They were brave to enact their plan.

Lamont said, “The journey is long.”

“Let’s be brave, let’s be strong,”

“Mom, oh mom!” they called from below,

They saw mom move in the nightlight glow.

The boys wanted to make their mom prouder,

So they yelled her name louder and louder.

Then the voice of an angel came from the bed,

“Oh, boys, is that you calling me?” mom said.

Fred called, “Yes, mom were are here!”

She replied, “What do you need my dear?”

Then Fred turned to Lamont to say,

“Why did we break out of our cage today?”

Lamont asked, “Didn’t we think she was dead?”

“Because she didn’t answer from her bed?”

Mom called, “Boys it’s late and I’m not in the mood,”

“Did you two break out just for food?”

“Food?!” the boys called from the floor

“Oh, of course we want more!

Two happy guinea pigs were tucked back into bed,

Fears alleviated of their mom being dead.

“Happy Halloween,” they called to their mummy,

“Thanks again for the full tummy.”

The boys escaped again from their cage in search of food last night.  They inspired me to write this for Halloween. – KA


  1. Poor little babies – worried about their mom being dead! Happy Halloween boys – hope you get lots of treats and no tricks.

    • Mom gets the tricks. We get the treats. – F&L

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