Posted by: kerryannekay | September 29, 2018

A Ghost

I recently saw a post by my friend Stacy. Sadly, she lost her pet capybara Dobby recently. She posted that a hose broke this past week. She concluded that Dobby must have bitten it before he passed away. She said it was like his “ghost” was there. I can relate…

I bought my house about a year and a half ago. I had to clean our the old apartment. As I cleaned under the bed, I found a dried bean. I immediately knew that Alfalfa had left it there. Fred and Lamont never went under my bed like Alfalfa.

As I grabbed the bean, a sense of longing and loss came over me. I sat there next to the bed on the floor holding this small piece of poop of in my palm crying. As I sat there, I remembered all of the good times I had with him. The pain in my heart eased with each memory.

I took the bean and preserved it with some resin.

The bean sits with my keepsakes in my office. It’s one of my most valuable possessions. Yes, it’s just guinea pig poop. But it stands for a life well lived and a pet well loved. – KA



  1. Amazing how such little things as an old piece of pig poo from the past can bringn us comfort and love. I have called whskers, bird feathers and a swatch of guinea pig hair from my 1st long haired beauty, Snuggs❤And yes, I have found beans from pigs past in the most unusual places. They remind me that their memories still live on with my heart, just like Alfalfa’s does in yours 💞

  2. I still find wood shavings and poop in pockets … these do bring back good memories. I miss my babies so much. I know how you feel.

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