Posted by: kerryannekay | July 4, 2018

The Vacation – Part 2: “Car Tripping”

On Thursday afternoon before vacation, I began my preparations.  I packed up all of the boys’ stuff I could manage in the back seat of the car.  Of course, this mean that I had to go to work with all of that in the back seat.  And, this also meant I got several odd comments from my fellow teachers asking me “Are you planning on running away?”.  When I responded in the affirmative to several, they all just said, “Be sure to leave plans for your classes and get a sub…”  I work with such supportive people…but that’s another story.

On Friday afternoon, I rushed home and finished my personal packing, threw everything into the car, and went upstairs to get the boys.  They were gone.  Nowhere.  Gone.  It seems that they had managed to push their cage out of the way and run.  “BOYS?” I called.  They didn’t respond.  “BOYS!” I called again starting to search the room.  “You’re not going to the vet,” I told them and added, “There’s no reason to hide.  We’re going on vacation…”  I was met with total silence.

I sat down on the bed and threw myself back.  As I stared at the ceiling fan I wondered, ‘Does anyone else in the world have two guinea pigs like this?  Like these two trouble makers?’  ‘I doubt it,’ I quickly concluded.  I let out a large sigh.  It was then that I felt a small nibble at my toe.  “Yes, Lamont,” I said to the ceiling.  Lamont let out a quick chirp of excitement upon hearing his name.  He continued to nibble at my toe in order to gain my attention.  “Uh huh,” I sighed, “I’m not chasing you so it’s not fun,” I told him.  Fred rumbled back.  “Fred,” I sung still not moving. I heard Fred do a small popcorn dance.

“SO,” I exhaled sitting up, “you’ve both found me and want a prize?” I asked.  “You want a treat?” I asked the boys looking down on them.  The word ‘treat’ sent both into a mini frenzy.  Both popcorned and turned in a circle.  “Fine,” I relented and opened the underbed draw.  The boys both moved into a better position to be ‘rewarded’ for their long and hard search for their mother.  I gave them both treats.  They proudly bounded off to their cage with their rewards.

Five minutes later I was able to gather up both boys and place them in their carrier.  They didn’t fight me.  We set off for Atlantic City.  An hour into the trip the boys started causing trouble.  It started with the carrier rocking.  “Boys,” I cautioned them, “cut it out…”  The whines started.  “Fred and ‘Mont…” I warned.  It didn’t work.

“Well,” I sighed putting my blinker on, “I guess I’m stopping for dinner and to allow you two to stretch your legs.”  I pulled into the parking lot of a big chain store fast food restaurant.  The moment I stopped the boys were at the carrier door.  They grabbed the bars of the door and began to pull.  “Okay, okay,” I told and unbuckled the carrier from the passenger seat.

I got out of the car and went over to the passenger side. I opened the door, put a towel in the foot space, and got the boys out their carrier.  Fred and Lamont did a quick happy dance.  “Okay,” I told them, “Let me get you some dinner.”  I went into the cold bag in the back seat and got out the boys’ dinner.  They were happily eating when I went to get my dinner.

I was sitting behind the wheel having dinner and the boys were in the passenger foot well having their dinner when my phone rang.  It was my mother.  “Uh-oh,” I sighed.

“Where are you?” my mother asked.

“In the parking lot of a fast food restaurant,” I told her between bites of my chicken sandwich.

“Why?” she demanded.

“Well, the boys needed for me to stop,” I explain.

“The boys? The guinea pigs told you that they needed to stop?” she said with a lot of doubt in her voice.  Then added, “I doubt they told you to stop…”

“Of course, they didn’t tell me,” I explained, “They started to fight in their carrier.  So, I had not choice but to stop.”

“Uh, huh,” my mother complained to me over the phone.  “You’re going to get here at midnight!”

“Perhaps,” I sighed, “But I have to take care of the boys…”

“They are not kids.  I’m sure they would have been fine,” she told me.

“Grrrr,” I mocked.

“Call me when your close,” she stated and hung up.

Fred chattered his teeth.  “That’s right!” I told him, “Your grandmother is mad at you both for making me stop.”  Lamont stopped mid chew and let out a low rumble.  “Yes, Lamont,” I empathized, “Food always come first.”

Fred, Lamont, and I finished our meals.  The boys began to yawn as they walked in small circles in the well.  “Okay, boys,” I told them, “Poop and then we will get back on the road.”  Within five minutes both boys had produced several small piles of beans.

Before they could become comfortable in the well, I put both back into the carrier.  Lamont yawned and stretched as he laid down against the back corner of the carrier.  Fred took up his usual post near the front.  I shook out the beans in the parking lot and got back behind the wheel.

We were back on our way.  There is more to this vacation adventure but that’s next week’s blog.  – KA


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