Posted by: kerryannekay | June 1, 2018

Just a quick blog

It’s that time of the year when I get very busy. Senior grades are due, award ceremonies must be attended, and of course, I have to attend most of them… Being a teacher is hard work! I have just returned home from an awards ceremony. The boys were fed before I left…but they yelled at me for a second dinner. They know that they will be awarded with a snack if they throw a fit. They got fresh hay cubes tonight. Now they are sitting happily and noisily snacking on them. It’s a sound I love to hear. And it’s one of the main reason why I have them in my bedroom. I love falling asleep to them chewing on something or chattering to each other. Some people like lullabies; I like guinea pig white noise.

We had a nice time in Atlantic City this past weekend. I will write about it when my work load slows. See you soon. – KA


  1. When school gets stressful, you have your boys to give you lots of love!

    • Agreed. They are my sanity. – KA

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