Posted by: kerryannekay | May 18, 2018

Poop Parade

I noticed that there was not as much poop as usual in the boys’ cage.  For guinea pigs, this is a bad thing.  So, I gave both of the boys some probiotics.  This helps replenish the good bacteria in their guts.  The probiotics I use can be given to guinea pigs regardless if they need it or not.  It won’t ever hurt them.

The boys love the probiotics.  When they get a taste of it, they both will grab the tube nozzle and refuse to let it go.  It’s like candy to them.  I gave them some the other day when I noticed a drop in their poop production.  I then went down stairs to make and eat dinner.

When I returned two hours later, it looked like the boys had a poop party.  There were beans everywhere.  “What the heck?” I asked them as I looked over the cage.  “I just cleaned that!” I told them.  “I guess the probiotics are working…” I sighed.  “Okay, over to the kitchen!  I’ve got to change out the bedroom side of this cage…again…” I explained.

As I started to clean the boys moved over to the kitchen area of the cage.  “My goodness, boys,” I said, you both did a good job of clearing out your systems,” I complimented them.  “But did you have to do it all at once?” I laughed.

After I was done cleaning, the boys returned to their bedroom area.  Fred jumped over the wooden bridge and let several beans fly.  He turned and smelled his deposit.  Clearly satisfied with the situation, he trotted off.  “Uh-huh,” I acknowledge, “I see your proud of your work…” Lamont began to popcorn around.  Several beans came out of his backside as he jumped.  “Monty!” I laughed, “Your, er, leaking!”

I treated the boys for four days just to be on the safe side.  After the initial poop storm, their poop levels returned to normal.  Thank goodness.  – KA



  1. Poop is good for guinea pigs, and you have 2 good poopers!

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