Posted by: kerryannekay | March 29, 2018

Ice Cream Dreams…

On Monday it was 65F (18C) and sunny.  Today it’s 32F (0C) and snowing.  I have at least 10 inches (25 cm) of snow at my house and it’s coming down at about an inch (2.5 cm) an hour.  I’m stuck in the house with two whiny boys.  They expect me to feed them whenever they feel the need to eat.  But enough about the bad weather… This blog is about what happened last Monday during the good weather.

One of the multiple advantages of living in my neighborhood is that the ice cream truck pays regular afternoon visits to it during the warm months.  Last Monday was the first day that the truck came to my neighborhood.  The boys heard it before I did.  I was sitting on the floor watching both of the eat when I saw them both perk up and stop chewing.  “What?” I asked them.  “Do you hear something?”

Fred let out a low sexy rumble.  “Oh,” I mocked him, “I’m totally impressed.”  Lamont backed up from the food bowl and rumbled strutted away.  “Oh, are you looking for a date too?” I laughed as I got up.  Fred rumbled even louder.  “Oh, Fre…” I stopped mid tease.  “Oh,” I let out, “It’s the ice cream truck… Where is my purse?”  I looked around the room for my purse as the song of the truck got louder.  The boys were walking around singing back to the song of the truck as if it was a long-lost lover.

“Dudes, I’m trying to find my wallet!” I admonished them, “That singing is really distracting.”  Lamont whined at me.  “Okay, okay, I’m sorry,” I stopped mid tracks and added, “Oh! It’s still downstairs!”  I took off and ran down the stairs.  I heard both boys complaining loudly upstairs.  I found my purse hanging on the coat rack.  “They don’t have grass flavored ice cream!” I yelled upstairs.  I grabbed five dollars and met the truck as it pulled up in front of my house.  Less than five minutes later, I had my strawberry sundae and an extra pinwheel for Tuesday.  It was going to snow on Tuesday so, I had to be prepared.

As I walked back into the house, I heard the boys dancing and singing to the tunes of the ice cream truck.  I looked down at my ice cream and felt guilty. “Uhhhh,” I sighed, “Okay!” I called upstairs, “I’ll get you a treat!”

I went into the kitchen and grabbed two slices of apples and headed upstairs to sit and eat with the boys.  As I walked into the bedroom, they were both pacing and dancing along the front of their cage.  “Dude,” I said as I sat down, “Calm down… I didn’t forget you…”  I handed each of them a slice of apple.  Their eyes bulged the moment that they took their first bite.  “See?” I asked, “Wasn’t that worth the wait?” The boys chewed in response.

I was sitting on the floor, eating desert, and taking with two guinea pigs… a true sense of calm came over me.  “Boys,” I said, “life is good.” – KA


  1. Life is always good when guinea pigs are included. I wish I could have been there to see F&L in full rumble strut mode, over an ice cream truck at that! Love the adventures

  2. Ice cream for you, and apples for the boys…yes, life IS good!

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