Posted by: kerryannekay | February 23, 2018

The Washer Machine is Dead – Part 4

“Boys?” I called upstairs, not expecting a response, “I’m going out to shop for a washer.  Behave yourselves.”  I heard one of the guinea pigs rumble.  “Behave!” I commanded and grabbed my keys from the hooks.  There was silence.  ‘Good,’ I thought, ‘I hope they don’t make a mess…’ also came to mind.  Oh, the joys of living with two crazy guinea pigs.  I was off.

I had done a bunch of research before I walked into a store.  I had four machines in mind:  two top-loaders and two front-loaders.  As I stood at the first machine on my list a sales lady approached me.  “Hello! I’m Tara!” she said in a cheery voice, “May I help you with anything?”

“Yes,” I turned and smiled at her, “I have some questions about four washers.”

“Sure,” Tara smiled back, “I can help you with all of your questions.  Is this the first washer you have a question about?”

“Yes,” I acknowledged, “It’s a top-loader, obviously.  My guinea pigs killed my last top-loader.”

“Whaaa…” Tara got out before turning sheet white.  I thought that she was going to pass out.

“Are you okay? Oh, my goodness,” I said grabbing her arm to make sure that she wouldn’t fall over.  “Here, lean on me,” I said as I took some of her weight and began to frantically look around for some of her fellow employees.  A male employee walked out from the refrigerator section.  I frantically waved at the other employee and yelled, “I need some help here.”  He trotted over and saw the situation.

“Let me get a chair,” he said breathlessly.  The employee quickly returned with a rolling chair.

“That’s a temporary solution,” I told him.  I looked up and read his name tag.  We helped Tara sit down in the chair.  “Mike,” I explained, “Putting someone on a rolling chair that’s unstable already isn’t a good idea…  Go get someone that has medical training and water.”  As he got on his phone and went to get another chair.  “And get a cold wet cloth,” I yelled at his back.

“Tara?” I asked still holding her arm, “How are you feeling?  What’s going on?”

“I don’t feel well,” she sighed, “I just can’t imagine killing guinea pigs in a washer machine…”

“What?” I said sharply, then corrected my tone.  “Okay, sweetheart, your obviously not doing too well.  I’ve got help on the way okay?”  I looked up and saw three employees sprinting at us.

“Look, they are almost here,” I assured her.

The manager took over.  “Tara,” he said, “tell me what’s going on.  How do you feel?”

Another manager pulled me aside and asked me what had happened.  “I was asking about the washer,” I explained and pointed at the washer machine, “I explained to her that my last machine had died from my guinea pigs and before I could tell her what I wanted in a machine she started to pass out…”

A person carrying a medical bag arrived and the other manager walked over to us.  “She’s mumbling something about killing guinea pigs in a washer machine,” the manager explained to me.  “Do you have any idea what’s she talking about?”

“I don’t kno…” I stopped mid word.  I felt a hot flush come over me.

“Ma’am?” the manager said grabbing my arm, “Are you okay? You just went bright red.”

“Ye-esss,” I spit out.  My mind had just put together a possible explanation for the situation.  I didn’t like it.  “I just need some air,” I explained.  The manager took my arm and started to lead me towards the front of the store.  “This is a stressful situation,” I explained.  I added, “I’ve not been feeling that well as of lately.”

“We have an ambulance on the way for Tara to check her out… we can have them look at you,” he offered.

“No, no,” I replied, “just air.”  As we got outside, I felt a rush of cool air on my face.  It helped dissipate some of the heat of the situation out of me.

“You already look better,” the manager told me.

“I’m good,” I said, “I’ll wait in my car for a few minutes if I still don’t feel well.  If it’s bad I’ll come back in… okay?”

“Great,” he smiled, “I’m sorry about this whole situation.” He was so nice to me and genuinely concerned about me.

I walked back to my car as the ambulance pulled up to the store.  As I sat in my car I reflected on what had happed.  ‘Crap,’ I thought, ‘I was that whole situation was my fault?  Did that lady think that I had killed my guinea pigs in my washer machine?’ I started the car and sighed.  ‘Did my choice of words cause the misunderstanding? Or was she ill and happened to have an incident in front of me?’ I just didn’t know.  What I did know is that I needed to get back to my boys and give them a big hug.  I also knew that shopping for a washer machine was going to be a hard task.  I tried again the next day…but that’s next week’s blog.  – KA



  1. Oh my – I hope she didn’t really think you put guinea pigs In the washing machine! Be sure you don’t go back to that store.

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