Posted by: kerryannekay | February 9, 2018

The Washing Machine is Dead – Part 2

At exactly 5:05 pm my doorbell rang.  It was the Sears dude.  He greeted me in a professional manner.  After the obligatory greeting I joked, “This way to the patient, doctor…”

The technician laughed at me and played along with, “I’ve heard the patient is very sick.”

“Yeah,” I sighed, “Critical if not worse.”

“I’ll fix it,” he said with pure confidence.

“Uh-huh,” I replied.  I opened the door off of the kitchen and stepped out of the way.  “The thing took me for a ride.  That’s why its sitting here all off kilter.  Damn thing almost killed me.”

“Alright,” the technician said with heavy skepticism.  He deftly pulled off the front cover of the machine, got down on the floor, and used a flashlight to look into the depth of the.  “Uh-huh,” he sighed at his view.  “Well, there is your problem,” he told me, “the load-shifter box and the gear box are open and hanging out.”

“That’s not good,” was all I could think of as a reply.

“And,” he continued, “it looks like they stripped some wires and pulled out others.”  The technician stood up and heavily sighed.  He turned and asked me, “What exactly were you washing in this thing?”

“Towels!” I blurted out a bit too quickly.  I added, “Just towels.  My guinea pigs use towel; all I had was their towels in there.”

The technician jostled the basket.  “What’s this?” he asked reaching into basket.

“Wait?” I blurted, “if its…” but I didn’t get the rest of the statement out.

“Is this poop?” he asked holding several beans in his hand.

“Yes, I must have missed it when I pulled the towels out,” I explained.

“Ugh,” the technician said dropping the beans back into the washer.  “May I wash my hands in your sink?”

“Y-yes,” I stuttered, “U-uh, I’m sorry about that… It almost always dissolves and gets washed down the drain…the cycle didn’t have a chance to finish.”

“It’s fine,” he assured me, “I’ve grabbed worse out of machines; I’ve just learned to wash my hands after touching them.  May I sit at your table and write up these repairs?”

“Sure,” I said and then asked, “May I get you something to drink?”

“No thanks,” he replied, “this won’t take long.”

“Uh-ohhh,” I sighed and sat down across from the table from him.

Several minutes later his portable printer buzzed and began to print an endless receipt.  “Here you go,” the technician said handing me the paper.

“$450?!?” I blurted out.  “I can buy a new machine for that!”

“Yeup,” technician agreed.  “The warranty company denied the claim.”

“Whaaa,” I spit out.

“Call them in a couple of days.  They will tell you what they want to do,” he informed me while getting up.

“That’s it?” I asked not believing what I was hearing.

“Yeup,” the technician held out his hand and said, “Don’t call us, we will call you…” and left.

I was left standing at my door feeling confused and a bit more ill.  I had no washer and no resolution to get a new one.  What was I supposed to do?  Well, that’s the next blog.  I’ll tell you about ‘the’ phone call and my shopping trip.  – KA


  1. Did the warranty company deny the claim because of the piggy poops?

    • Good observation! But that’s the next blog…. 😜 – KA

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