Posted by: kerryannekay | October 5, 2017

Wake Up!

Lamont needs to seriously stop waking me up at random hours in the night.  He has woken me up screeching for food at various times between 1:00 am and 5:30 am.  The 5:30 am was the worst…

*Wheek, wheek, wheek,* went the beast at 5:30 am.  I rolled over and placed the pillow over my head.  He went off again.  This time it was a long and agonizing *wheeeeeekkkkk*.  It was one of the most pathetic things I had heard in a while.  Then the quick intermittent calls started: *wheek, whe* pause *wheeeKK* pause *WWWWhhhhweeeekkkk* pause *wheek, wheek* I couldn’t stand it.  “LAMONT!” I yelled from under the pillow and added, “Cut it out!”

The barrage of calls continued: *w-w-w-week, wh, wh, eek, eek*  Fred decided to join in with a joyous *WHHHHEEEEEK* I moaned again and rolled over.  Several moments later the boys started a call a response game with each other.  *wheek* went Fred and Lamont responded *wheek, wheek* Fred played along *wheek, wheek*.  Not to be outdone, Lamont responded *wheeeeeeeeek*.

I couldn’t stand it anymore.  “BOYS!” I yelled from the bed and sat up.  The pillow went flying.  There was a moment of silence.  Fred started to chatter his teeth in anger at me and Lamont began to whine.  “Ughhh,” I sighed and went to get out of bed.  As I stood, I realized that the covers were wrapped around my legs.  Actually, I realized that too late and fell over.  The boys took noise of my body hitting the floor as a sign that I was getting up to feed them.  They began to joyously wheek for me.

“Are you two happy that I fell or happy that you made me get up?” I asked the dark cage.  “Either way, that’s cruel,” I added.  I heard the boys scramble up their ramp and over into the kitchen side of their cage.  Clearly I wasn’t going back bed until I fed these two brats.  I untangled myself from my blankets and threw them back onto the bed.  I set to my work in the light of a small night light near the boys’ cage.

“Okay,” I sighed.  “Here is some hay,” I said as I grabbed some from the box and placed it in their hay hanger.  I heard one of them start to popcorn in excitement.  I took some treats out of the bag I leave near their cage and tossed them randomly into the kitchen area.  I heard them bounce off of the paper covered floor of the kitchen.  Both boys began to popcorn excitedly.  “Okay,” I yawned, “I’m going back to bed.  I hope your both happy…”

I walked back to bed and plopped myself in.  I didn’t even bother with the tangled covers.  I yawned one more time and rolled over.  I felt sleep pulling my eye lids closed…

Moments later:  <BEEP> <BEEP> <BEEP> went my alarm.  “Crud,” I cried out, “I just laid back down!” I moaned.  The boys didn’t care.  I heard them happily dancing.  Their mom was up and they were going to be fed breakfast.

I reluctantly got up and started my day.  The first thing I did was go downstairs and made the boys’ breakfast.  I went upstairs to deliver the precious cargo to the boys.  “Breakfast!” I called to the boys.  Silence.  “Boys?” I asked.  There was still no movement.  I put their food down in its usual spot.

I looked into their cozy sacks.  They were both out cold.  “Lovely,” I groaned, “You two get to sleep the day away and I have to go to work…” I left the bedroom and went on to take shower and start my day…again.  – KA



  1. Naughty boys! If you don’t let your mom sleep, then she will be too tired to go to work and if she doesn’t work she will have no money to buy you food!

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