Posted by: kerryannekay | September 28, 2017

Failure to Change

Guinea pigs can be very fickle when it comes to what they like and what they don’t.  The boys are no exception.  That being said, I still try to introduce them to new foods, items, and snacks.  Most have failed…

The Roller Snack Ball

The “Roller Snack Ball” is a toy that can be loaded with treats.  As the ball is rolled around by the pet, the treats will fall out… I thought that this was a great thing for the boys.  I thought that they would love it.  I was wrong.

I put the loaded ball into the boys’ cage.  Lamont saw it and bolted.  He would not come out of his snuggle sack.  Fred walked up to the ball and sniffed at it.  He nudged it with his nose.  It moved slightly and rolled back.  Fred was so upset with it that he began to click his teeth in anger.  “What’s the matter?” I asked rolling the ball towards Fred.  He jumped back and hissed at the ball.  When I went to pick up the ball, Fred lunged at it.  “Whoah!” I yelled snatching my hand out of the way.  “Okay,” I quickly added, “I’ll get rid of it…”  I grabbed the roller snack ball and threw it in the garbage.  “That was a waste of $19.99,” I sighed.


I have seen so many videos of guinea pigs enjoying blueberries lately.  I decided to buy the boys some to try.  I put four of them for the boys.  They were intrigued and went over to sniff the berries.  There was a lot of sniffing and a lot of nudging the blue berries.  Fred stopped and looked up at me.  “Okay,” I responded, “I’ll go away and let you eat in peace, divas.”

Several hours later, I came back to check on the boys.  The four blueberries were still sitting there.  I was puzzled.  They seemed to be so interested in them.  I threw out the old berries and replaced them with four new ones cut in half.  Again, the boys were interested in the blueberries right away.  Lamont began to sniff at them and popcorned.  “That’s right,” I encouraged him, “those are good and good for you… try them…”  I left to do some house work.

About an hour later, I returned and saw the blueberry halves sitting in a puddle of pee.  “Well,” I sighed, “I guess you don’t like those…”  Fred popped his head out of his snuggle sack and sniffed at me.  “Yeah, get rid of them… message received. That was a waste of $3.99.”


I have bought, tried, and given every type of possible snack to Fred and Lamont.  They want nothing to do with them.  I see all of these guinea pigs running to their moms and dads when they hear the treat bag shaking.  Fred and Lamont hear me shaking a bag and start to rumble strut.  They think that they are going to get ‘lucky’ and come running.  “Silly boys,” I always tease them, “This is not that type of treat…”  I then added, “Here, try these dried bananas.  All of the guinea pigs on the internet love them…”  Lamont sniffed at the treat and then bolted.  “Dude, you are such a wimp…” I taunted.  Fred approached cautiously and sniffed at the treat.  He immediately turned his nose up at it.  “Fred,” I scolded.  “You need to at least try it…” Did he?  Nope.  “That was a waste of $5.99.”  The boys have turned their nose up at every treat I have offered them.

I have not been able to change the boys’ cage for many months.  They get all angry and mope around when I do.  I can’t even wash their snuggle sack without the risk of a large temper tantrum.  They have gotten used to what they like and are not afraid to

Tell me about it.  *sigh* I just wish I had figured that out before I wasted so much money. – KA



  1. Talk about picky piggies! Don’t they realize how much their mom loves them and spends her hard earned money (and we know teachers don’t make a lot) to give them treats that other piggies would just love to have? Boys, boys, you need to thank your mom not pee on your blueberries!

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