Posted by: kerryannekay | July 6, 2017

Niece Disaster…

My niece was down visiting me this holiday weekend.  We had a nice time visiting many of the sites including the National Aquarium in Baltimore.  In her words, “I got to see the fishies!”  The boys are not fans…

Monday morning my niece was up before me.  I was rudely awaken with a tapping on my forehead and a small voice saying, “Aunt Kay-Kay… wake up… Fred and Mont need breakfast…”

Of course I rolled over and moaned, “Go tell you mother…  She will feed them…”  It didn’t work.

“Aunt Kay-Kay,” she wisped to me.

“Huh?” I sighed rolling over in order to be face to face.

“They have a lot of poop…” she explained to me.

“Yes, Mimi,” I acknowledged.  I then added, “Go tell your mother about the poop.”

“Uhhhh,” she sighed, “Aunt Kay-Kay…”

“Yes, Mimi,” I sighed.

“Here,” she declared and dropped a whole handful of guinea pig beans in front of my face on the bed.

“Oh, Mimi!” I groaned and went to get up.  That’s when I noticed that she had been hard at work for a quite a while.  There were four piles of beans on my blanket on the edge of the bed.  “Oh, Mimi!” I repeated in exasperation.

“I cleaned it for you!” she declared happily.

“That’s not the trash can!” I sighed pointing at the bed and floor.  “That’s the trash can!” I told her while pointing at the trash can next to the boys’ cage.

“Ohhhh,” she whispered and tried to grab for the beans on my bed.

“NOOOO!” I gasped and grabbed her hand.  As I got up, beans scattered all over the rug around the bed.  “Ugh,” I said.  There were beans all over the room.  “What did you do?” I asked her.

“I helped the boys’ with their poop!” she proudly informed me.

“Did you eat any?” I asked picking her up.

“No, silly Aunt Kay-Kay,” she giggled, “You don’t eat poop!” She was talking to me like I was three and she was the adult.

“Oh, of course,” I agreed, “And you’re not supposed to be in the boys’ cage without Aunt Kay-Kay or Mommy…”

“I forgot,” Mimi explained.  It was a typical excuse for the three year old.

“Okay,” I declared, “Bath time!” and put her down outside of the disaster zone…my bedroom.

I started the water and Mimi took off her pajamas.  She danced and jumped while waiting for the tub to fill.  The running water woke up my sister.

“Why are you giving Mimi a bath?” came her voice from behind me.  “And what happened to your bedroom?  Did Fred and Lamont get out?”

“Well,” I sighed, “Mimi’s bath time and the bedroom are related… Any guesses?”

“I’ll get the vacuum,” responded my sister.  Several moments later I heard the vacuum.  When she was done, I heard my sister making comments under her breath about the mess.

“How did you sleep through that?” she asked walking back into the bathroom.

“How did you sleep through her getting out of bed, opening the door, and leaving your room?” I retorted.

“Didn’t the boys wake you up?” she asked.

“No,” I replied.  “Mimi?” I asked the splashing child in the tub, “Did you wake up Fred and Lamont?”

“No,” she said immediately returning to her splashing.

“Are you sure?” I checked with her.

“Fred and Mont are sleeping…shhhhhh…” she whispered.

“Apparently the guinea pigs slept through that whole thing too…” I concluded.

I finished with Mimi’s bath and dried her off.  My sister got her ready for the day.  I went and fed the boys.  The looked completely normal and were even annoyed that I had woken them up for breakfast.  Apparently, sleeping through disasters runs in the family.

– KA



  1. That sounds like a fun disaster!

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