Posted by: kerryannekay | July 1, 2017


As a guinea pig mother, one of the best things that I can do is check the boys’ health is to check their poop on a daily basis.  So as I clean I grab a bean or two and check its firmness, size, shape, and smell.  When one of those things is off, one of the boys is having a potential issue.

It’s not like I enjoy dissecting beans.  Or that I give them ratings: “Yes, firmness is an 8, size is a 10, shape is an 8, and smell is a 2… This bean passes inspection.”  Besides, guinea pig beans are not like traditional poop.  They only eat hay, veg, and lettuces.  So, the poop is cleaner and usually doesn’t smell.

So the other day, I noticed that some of the beans in the boys’ area were a bit odd in shape.  When I picked one up it was way too soft.  I knew one of the boys was not feeling well or had eaten too much.  I picked up Lamont and inspect his backside.  It was clean.  He protested as I put him back in the cage.

When I picked up Fred, I saw that he had some soft poop sticking to his butt.  “Fred, you are the winner!” I declared to him.  I tucked him under my arm and we went off to the bathroom to give him a butt bath.  Fred didn’t complain one time as I washed his backside.  I think he enjoyed getting cleaned up.

When Fred was done, I took him downstairs and gave him some probiotics.  I always keep BeneBac in the fridge.  Initially, Fred fought me on taking the probiotics.  After he got a quick taste of it, he wouldn’t let go of the tube.  “Hey,” I said, “let it go!”  He released his grip and then went in for another grab.  “Nope!” I said pulling the tube away from him, “Your brother needs to get some too!” I laughed and headed back upstairs with Fred in my arms.

When I got upstairs, I put Fred back and grabbed Lamont.  Of course, he complained and squirmed in my hands.  “Stop,” I said, “here have some of this…” Lamont got a taste and grabbed on to the tube with his teeth.  “I know you like that stuff too…” I teased him.  When he finally released the tube, I put him back in the cage.

By the second day, Fred’s poop was back to normal.  I treated the boys for five days to make sure they were ok.  I know that Lamont did not need the probiotics.  However, when you have two guinea pigs together, it’s advisable to treat them together.  The probiotics don’t hurt a healthy guinea pig but can keep that healthy guinea pig healthy.

Poop is life.   – KA


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