Posted by: kerryannekay | June 22, 2017

Spa Adventure – Part Three and Four

Part Three:

I sat in the waiting room of the pet spa for another five minutes in dead silence.  The boys knew something was up too.  They didn’t make a peep.  “This is stupid,” I sighed and got up.  I walked up to the welcome desk and began to ring the service bell.

*ding* *ding* *ding* the bell rang with a dainty echo. There was no response.  I looked up and waved to the camera pointing at the front desk.  “Hello?” I politely called.  Nothing.

I tried again.  This time I hit the bell a bit harder… *DING* *DING* *DING* it rang with a harshness that reflected my growing impatience.  “Helloooooo!” I called to the camera, “Are my guinea pigs going to be able to get their nails done? Hello?”  I waved at the camera for emphasis.  I stood there for several moments more.  No one came out to help me.

Now I was angry.  I pounded the bell *DRING* *DRING* *di* in the middle of the third ding, the bell gave up the ghost.  I picked up the bell and a part fell out.  “Ooops,” I said putting it down gingerly.

It was obvious that I wasn’t going to be served by these people.  I turned, walked to the boys’ carrier, picked it up, and walked out with them in tow.
“You’re not getting your nails done today…” I sighed.  I put the boys into the front seat.  As I started to strap them in I looked up and saw a sign on the nail salon next to the pet spa.  ‘We specialize in pet and owner packages!’

“Huh,” I said to the boys.  Looking down at the carrier I asked, “You wanna try it?” A small *wheek* came from Lamont.  “Yeah,” I agreed with him.  Fred added a *errreeerreee*, “That’s true,” I replied, “the worst they can do is tell us to leave…” It was decided.  I grabbed the carrier and walked over to the nail salon…the human nail salon with the boys.

Part Four: 

My greeting was totally different at this place.  “Helllooooo!” a small Asian women called from behind the desk, “You want a pamper for you and your dog?” she asked

“Two guinea pigs,” I corrected her, “and just a nail trim for them please…”

“Ooooo,” she asked turning her head not understanding what I had said.

I put the carrier down on a chair in the waiting area and took out Fred.  “Ohhh!” the lady exclaimed with pure joy.  Her small feet moved like lighting as she came over to hold Fred.  I handed him to her.

“That’s Fred,” I said, “and this,” I added grabbing Lamont out of carrier, “is Lamont.”

“Two!” she exclaimed.  “Oooo!” she said shifting Fred in her arms.  She deftly took Lamont out of my hands.  “Ok, you pick color,” she said pointing at the rack of nail polish with her chin.

“No colors!” I called to her back as she rushed off to show off Fred and Lamont.  “Just a trim, please!” It was no use.  She was gone with my guinea pigs.  Lamont was handed off to another nail technician who giggled and promptly began fawning over him.  The first lady and the second technician went into a side room with the boys.  I sat down hoping that the boys were in good hands.

A third lady came over to me and asked, “Mani-pedi?”

“No thank you.  I’m just here for the boys…er… the guinea pigs,” I explained.

“Oh,” the technician exclaimed undeterred, “You can match them!”  She stepped over to the massive wall of nail polishes.  “It’s all pet safe!”

“Yes,” I said politely, “I understand.”  I then added, “Do you know where my guinea pigs are?”

“Pet room,” the technician said plainly.

“Pet room?” I asked.

“We have a room for pets…for sanitary reasons,” she explained.

“Oh, good idea,” I said.

“Your nails?” the lady asked again.

“I have to get the boys back home,” I explained clearly disappointing the technician.  “But, I will come back tomorrow… okay?”

“Okay!” the technician declared, “I see you then!”  She turned and went back to her desk area.

Moments later the front desk lady appeared out of the ‘pet room’ with Fred and Lamont tucked into her sides like she was carrying two footballs.  “All done!” she declared.  I opened the carrier and she deftly popped both boys into it.  “All done!” she said turning to me.  “NO color…clear!  OKAY!” she told me.

“Okay, thanks,” was my response.  “How much?” I asked.  She gave me a price that was under $20 for both boys.  I happily paid and gave the lady a generous tip for her and the other technician.  I grabbed the carrier and took the boys home.

The next day, I returned to the nail salon as promised.  I was greeted with “Guinea pig lady!” by the women at the front counter.  It was the most wonderful thing someone could have said to me.  I got a mani-pedi for myself.  And yes, I matched the boys.  I got a clear coat.


I found a new place for Fred and Lamont to get their nails done.  And I found a new place for my nails.  I won’t return to the pet spa.  A small amount of respect and a joy for life can go so far.  They have earned my business.



  1. Now you and the boys have a new activity to do together.

    • I don’t like getting my nails done! – KA

  2. Sounds like a wonderful nail salon! How fun to find somewhere that enjoys and respects your boys!

    • We’ve been back a couple of times. They love Fred and Lamont. They are a gem. – KA

  3. The Guinea Pig Lady….how sweet and special ❤

    • Yes. I totally agree. It was a compliment. – KA

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