Posted by: kerryannekay | May 26, 2017

Spa Adventures – Part Two

Where was I?  Oh yes, so this little girl with this poor dog named Princess wanted to know what was in the box.  Of course, I was nice and told her “guinea pigs”.  She looked like she had just won the lottery

“OOOOOOOOOOO,” she cooed as her voice up three octaves, “I looooove guinea pigs…”

This girl was way too enthusiastic about getting her hands on my boys.  She remined me of the little girls in the movie “The Shinning”.  Creepy.  All I said was, “Yes, so do I…”

The little girl took two steps closer to me, “Can, can, can,” she stammered, “can I see them?  Can I play with them?”

“Ahhhhhh…” I said looking down at the carrier in the seat next to me.  “I think that they are sleeping…”  In response to my statement, the boys decided to start a loud argument.

“It doesn’t sound like they are sleeping to me…” the girl said with her most silky voice.

“Well, they, they, talk in their sleep…” I blurted out.

Again, the girl took two steps towards me.  “Are they running in their sleep?” she asked while pointing at the clearly rocking carrier.

“Uhhhhhh,” I mumbled.  The girl then tilted her head and gave me her most beguiling smile.  She took another step towards the carrier.  *queue “Psycho” shower scene music* I had to do something to stop her.  “My guiena pigs bite!” I blurted out and added, “They almost took off the last groomer’s finger!”

That proclamation stopped the girl in her tracks.  “Well,” the girl sniffed in disgust, “all of my pets are well behaved and would not try to eat anyone’s fingers…”  She turned and walked back towards her dog.

“Yeah,” I said for the benefit of this girl, “fifty stiches.”

And that’s when I looked up and saw the employee standing there with the sign-in clipboard.  Her mouth was wide open in dismay.  She stood there staring at the carrier.  Of course, Fred and Lamont were still in an argument and rocking it.

“Cut it out,” I loudly whispered while I *coughed* to cover the noise of gently slapping the top of the carrier.  The boys went still.  The employee went pale white.  A heavy moment of silence fell over the room.

“Are you ok?” I asked out of true concern for her wellbeing.  My question managed to get her out of her shock.

“P-p-p-p-prin-pinc-princesssss?” she managed.

“She was first,” the little girl said pointing at the carrier.

“I, I, I-I, I can-t-t-t do that thing…” the employee blurted out, “I’m not trained.”  The little girl nodded buying this lady’s story.   The employee walked up to the mother, grabbed the dog’s leash, and said, “Let’s go!”  There was no greeting or consult.  The employee took the dog and took off to the safety of the back area.

“Wait,” the mother yelled, “How do you know what I want?”

“Fill out the form on the front counter,” came the employee’s voice.  The back-room door closed with a firm thud.

“Well, I never!” the mother exclaimed.  She got up and marched over to the counter.  While there, she angrily scribbled on a guest request form.  When she was done, she called to her daughter, “Let’s go!”  The little chimes on the door jingled as the door swung open and then shut.


I was left in an eerily silent waiting room with Fred and Lamont in their carrier.  I said the first thing that came to my mind, “Was it something I said?”
Where did everyone go?  Will Fred and Lamont be allowed to get their nails cut?  Why does Kerry Anne’s imagination always run wild?  Come back next week for part three of: “Spa Adventure”.   – KA



  1. You sure know how to empty a vet’s waiting room!

    • We were at the groomers. But I’ve accidentally emptied the vet’s waiting room too… oops. – KA

  2. I love your boys! Thanks for sharing their adventures with their fans.

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