Posted by: kerryannekay | April 6, 2017


With Fred and Lamont adjusted to the new house, I’ve decided to give them a bit more freedom.  My ultimate goal is to have them out and about in my bedroom free-ranging.  So, this past Monday, I put away their outer wall and told them they had freedom…  Easier said than done.

The trial started off well enough.  I undid the boys’ out fence and said, “Go forth and roam!”  They both stood there and looked at me as if I was crazy.  I added, “No seriously, you two can roam the room.  Just try not to use the bathroom out here. Ok?”  Fred bent over and got another pellet from the bowl.  Lamont chewed his ‘cud’.  It was not the response I was hoping for from them.

I sat on the floor and watch television for about five minutes.  At one point, both boys stood at the edge of their news papered area.  I clicked with my tongue to call them, “*click* *click* Come here dudes!”  They stood still not wanting to cross the boundary between newspaper and rug.  “Okay,” I sighed, “Perhaps a treat will lure you out?”

I got up went over to the GP storage area and retrieved their favorite snack.  As I shook the bag, Lamont began to run around in excited circles…in the cage!  Fred shook his head and whined at me.  “Well,” I taunted, “all you two have to do is come over here and they are alllllllll yours…” They both began to make a racket but would not come over to get their treats.  I was forced to give them several treats to quiet them down.

Five minutes later an idea hit me.  I would fake them out!  “Okay,” I giggled, “Perhaps you are shy…  I’m going to use the bathroom.  And, if you want to escape, there might be a treat or two in it for you.  Got it?” I got up and left the room.  I closed the door behind me.  I wasn’t going to actually use the bathroom.  No.  I put my ear against the door to my bedroom to spy on Fred and Lamont.

I stood listening for the slightest sound of them exploring the room.  I hoped to hear their curiosity ping-ers in full out exploration mode.  I heard them go from the front to the back of their cage multiple times.  I heard them rumble strut at each other.  I even heard one of them knock over the pellets.

After a long wait, I slowly and carefully opened the door to see if the boys were out and about.  Nope.  Both had climbed into a snuggle sacks and fallen fast asleep.  “Really?” I asked the snoozing duo.

So, the first trial of “Free Fred” and “Free Lamont” was not a success.  The next time I am home with them for a bit, I will try to get them out.  Perhaps I just need to put them on the rug to start them off.  I can’t stand seeing them in their cage all day.  They haven’t made any attempts to escape.  Well, it’s about time to leave the nest.   Mama bird is kicking her babies out! – KA


  1. I’ll bet if you didn’t want the boys to roam about, they would have a jail break. Maybe you should try reverse psychology and tell them they are locked in forever. They would probably call a lawyer and bust out of the joint. Good luck with your crazy piggy boys!

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