Posted by: kerryannekay | March 30, 2017

Naughty Boys

Today I completed quite a bit of yard work when I got home from school.  When I was done, I went into the kitchen to wash my hand.  My bedroom is above the kitchen and sometimes I can hear the boys running around.  Tonight, they were crazy up there.  I can actually tell the difference between Fred and Lamont when they run.  Fred has a heavy and choppy gate.  Lamont has a light gate that generally ends with a loud thump…when he runs into something.  I heard a loud thump and giggled knowing that Lamont had probably barrel rolled into something.

As I walked upstairs, the calamity continued.  I wondered what had gotten into my boys… When I opened the bedroom door, I saw that Fred had managed to mount Lamont and was attempting to have his way with him.  Lamont was not a happy camper and protested loudly.  “Fred!” I admonished, “Stop humping your brother!”  Fred stopped and Lamont took the opportunity to dash into a snuggle sack.  “We run a respectable place here!” I added, “That sort of behavior will not be tolerated…” Fred looked down with a palatable sense of regret.  I got back to my personal business.

Five minutes later the boys’ roles were reversed.  Lamont was enthusiastically humping Fred’s head.  “Oh, poop!” I cursed as I saw this.  “Now you cut it out, Lamont!” I scolded my naughty guinea pig.  Lamont stopped and Fred popped out from under him.  This time Fred made a hasty retreat.  “Monty,” I sighed, “We do not treat our brother like that in this house…”  Lamont started to whine at me.  “What?” I asked, “You’re not getting a girlfriend… Besides, your both neutered.  It’s supposed to stop that behavior…”

It is now bedtime and the naughty behaviors have not stopped.  I have tried to separate the two.  That just resulted in the both crying for each other.  I have tried to bribe them with snacks.  I have yelled at both.  I have held both of them.  I have… I have… I have given up!  I am tired and want to go to bed.  That yard work is tiring.  They are both going to have to deal with each other.  I’m going to bed.  Good night! – KA


  1. Naughty boys for sure!! Are they going thorough their teenage years?

    • No! They will be 5 in August! – KA

    • NO! They will be 5 on August 1st! – KA

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