Posted by: kerryannekay | March 23, 2017

A Home, Finally

At first, I don’t think Fred and Lamont liked the new house.  Every new noise or new smell was a cause to set off the alarm and run.  I was beginning to wonder if they would ever adopt to the new house.  They were in a state of hyper-vigilance for quite some time.  I did the best that I could to make them feel better.

But life goes on and things need to happen…

The boys’ nails were long again.  So. I took them to the groomers to get them cut.  This time they were both well behaved and didn’t complain much.  They like this groomer.  It’s not the vet and this lady gives them carrots.

When we got home, I parked, unbuckled their seat belt, walked over to the passenger side of the car, and got their carrier out.  It was colder out so the carrier was covered by a towel.  As I keyed the door, the boys began to complain.  “Yes,” I sighed, “I know that you two don’t like being that close to each other… spoiled brats…”  We entered the house and I went upstairs to put the boys back in their area.

The carrier started to rock in my hand as I walked up the stairs.  “Boys!” I corrected them.  I got to the top of the stairs and had to put the carrier down.  I took the towel off and looked into the carrier.  The boys were popcorning.  “Boys?” I said, “Are you two excited to be home?”  They both started to excitedly squeak.  “Okay, okay,” I comforted them.  “Let’s get you two back into your area.”

I went into my bedroom and put the carrier down in the boys’ area while opening the door.  Fred flew out before it touched down.  He was followed by the ungraceful plop of Lamont.  “HA!” I laughed as picked the carrier back up.  Fred and Lamont’s unbridled joy continued.  They ran laps, popcorned, and even skidded out several times.  I sat and watched them for a good ten minutes before they were tired.

Fred got a long drink from the water bottle and yawed.  He headed for his snuggle sack.  Lamont caught Fred’s yawn.  He stretched and went into the other snuggle sack.  Both boys were sound asleep in record time.  I got up walked out.  As I was closing the door, I whispered, “I love you Fred.  I love you Lamont.  I’m happy to see your both like it here.  Welcome home.”   – KA




  2. That is wonderful!!❤

  3. You have the sweetest boys! I’m so glad that they like their new home sweet home. As long as they have their mom and their food they will be happy!

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