Posted by: kerryannekay | February 24, 2017


Lamont finished up his medicine last week. He is feeling a lot better. I can tell because of the trouble he is causing with his brother. 

Fred has a history of getting in the way of his brother. He will stand in the way of the food bowl, block the hay, and enter the pig hut when occupied. Lamont whines and chatters anytime Fred bothers him.  He usually just takes Fred’s rude behavior.  Recently, Lamont has had enough of his brother’s behaviors… especially in the last week. 

Lamont has started to nip Fred in the butt when he wants him to move. The first time I saw this I scolded Lamont, “Dude, leave your brother’s backside alone!” Lamont nipped at Fred again. This time, Fred moved with a small whine of protest. I realized what was going on.  “Oh, good boy, Lamont!  Show Fred you can stand up him!”  I sarcastically added, “It only took you four years…” 

It has now become a routine for the two when at the food bowl:  The boys are called to a meal. Fred rushes to be first. Lamont follows closely. Fred picks out a prime spot. Lamont tries to get in.  Fred blocks. Lamont whines. Fred clicks in warning. Lamont nips Fred’s butt. Fred protests. Lamont moves in for another nip. Fred moves just in time to save his butt. 

I have watched my two clowns go though this routine multiple times in one night.  I think that they enjoy bothering each other. Afterall, isn’t that what brothers do?    – KA 



  1. You are right – brothers are supposed to bother each other! (what else are siblings good for but to fight with each other?)

    • Not when I’m around! – KA

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