Posted by: kerryannekay | February 9, 2017

The Vet Visit

On Friday Lamont had a vet appointment for his sneezing.  Fred tagged for company and to lend some bravery to his brother.  Both of the boys hate traveling in their carrier.  Mind you, it’s large enough for a 25-pound dog.  Two 3-pound guinea pigs have plenty of room in there…plenty of room.  But, the moment I buckle the carrier into the front seat and start the car, the bickering starts.  Most parents just threaten to pull over and stop the car when their kids are misbehaving.  I have actually pulled over and stopped the car because of Fred and Lamont’s behavior…multiple times.  This trip I was lucky and they were very well behaved.

When we got to the vet’s office, we checked in.  Both Fred and Lamont were quiet.  I think they can smell the office and know what’s coming.  We didn’t wait long and were quickly called back to an exam room.  After their weigh in, the vet tech took the boys to get their nails cut.  I decided to go to the lady’s room.

I had to cross the reception area to get to and from the lady’s room.  On the way back, I heard the most awful screams and screeches from some poor beast in the work area of the clinic.  I stopped short and said to a receptionist, “That poor thing…  I wonder how bad it’s injured…” She reassured me that they were professionals and would ensure that the animal would not suffer.  I nodded and headed back to the exam room.

Fred and Lamont were not back from their nail trim.  I thought, ‘Wow, I hope that noise is not bothering them…’ as I sat down.  The screeches stopped abruptly and brought about an odd silence in the exam room.  Several moments later the vet tech came back with the boys’ carrier.  She had a huge grin on her face.

“I hope that smile means that they were well-behaved,” I said looking into their carrier.  Both boys were in their snuggle sacks.

“Well,” the tech sheepishly, “Lamont was a good boy…”

“And Fred?” I asked thinking the worse and wondering who he bit.

“He was the loud one…” she laughed.

“FRED?” I burst out in amazement.  “No, not Fred!”

“Yeup,” she smiled back at me.

“He’s the brave one,” I told her.  “Lamont is the wimp.”

“When it comes to nail trims, Fred is a wimp,” she said and added, “and a loud one.”

“My goodness,” I replied, “I thought you were torturing a cat back there!”

“Nope,” the tech said, “Just doing Fred’s nails.”

“Did someone get a quick?” I asked standing up and looking into the carrier.

“Nope,” she laughed again, “he was just a bratt…”

“Oh, my,” was all I could get out.  I thanked her and she left the room to attend to other duties.  I opened the carrier and offer Fred and Lamont some parsley.  Both boys gave me the stink-eye.  “Sorry,” I said leaving the treat. I closed the door and sheepishly retreated to my seat.  I knew I was on their ‘bean list’ and didn’t want to push it.

Several minutes later the vet came in to do Lamont’s exam.  She looked at Fred also to ensure that he didn’t have the same thing as Lamont.  Lamont’s diagnosis was what I expected: upper respiratory infection.  He was prescribed some medication and we went back out to the waiting room.  “Hey,” the receptionist called to me when she saw me.  “I heard that was YOUR guinea pig yelling about getting his nails done…” She grinned at me.

“Yes,” I acknowledged, “I didn’t know he could be that loud.  He’s got a set of lungs that are working just fine…”  The receptionist and I laughed.

Thankfully Lamont is doing much better on his medicine.  He’s not too happy about taking it.  I’m just glad he’s back to his old self.  And as for Fred, well, he may never live this one down…    – KA



  1. I’m loving reading about your funny adventures with your guinea pigs! This was hilarious! 😀

    • What would I do if I had a normal life? – KA

  2. Reminds of when B’Elanna and her former husboar Martok needed to get shots for mite. Of course shots are painful and no fun at all. But they both managed to do their loud protest as soon as they suspected the needle til they were both save in the carrier.
    It was like 2 car alarms were activated at full volume.
    The vet was highly amused and when we entered the waiting room everyone was looking at us with great curiosity and the assistant at the terminal was laughing.
    I showed the people that the beasties were fine. They were also surprised that these noises came from two cute little cavies.
    Poor poor piggies… Insult to injury. 😉

    • “Husboar”. That’s funny! – KA

  3. Since your boys provide entertainment at the vet’s office – do you get free office visits? (you should!)

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