Posted by: kerryannekay | January 26, 2017

Plumbing and Beans

The boys have been settling in the new house nicely.  My big focus has been getting little things around the house fixed and unpacking.  Some of my friends have volunteered to help me around the house.  Last weekend, I two people over to help me.  My guests brought lunch and got to work helping me fix some items in the house.  One of the biggest issues I was having was with dishwasher and upstairs shower.  We set to work on the shower first.

As I worked on the shower, my friend Bill went and visited with Fred and Lamont.  “Is this normal?” Bill called from the bedroom.

“What’s normal?” I called back.

“Do they normally push their butts up against the cage?” Bill asked.

“Oh, that?” I said putting down my wrench.  I got up and walked over to the bedroom.  Fred had his butt pressed up against the cage.  He was letting the last of a large pile of bean fly.  “Fred!” I scolded him.  Several more beans flew as Fred took off for his cozy.

Bill laughed at sight and declared, “He’s got quite an aim!”  Bill leaned over and pulled a bean off his foot and casually tossed it back into the cage.

“Oh, Fred,” I sighed, “That’s not nice…” I then added, “Sorry about that… He’s a bugger…  Make sure you wash your hands…”

“It’s not a big deal…” Bill laughed.  “But,” he said, “He’s been hard at work…” Bill pointed at three piles of beans outside of the cage!

“Fred…” I sighed again.  “Yeah, he likes to pile beans.  I guess that you could say that it’s his talent.”

Bill laughed at my comment.  He joked, “And there are neat piles on the inside of the cage too…”

“That’s Lamont…  His poop cannon isn’t as big as his brother’s,” I giggled.  Just then Lamont spooked himself and ran out of the hut in the front of the cage.  As he bolted, he ran through a pile of beans and sent them flying everywhere.

“Beans away!” Bill called.

“Lamont!” I admonished him.

“They are good at that bean throwing thing…” Bill said stepping towards the door avoiding beans as he went.

“Let me clean this mess up and I’ll help you in the bathroom…” I sheepishly replied.  Bill nodded and went back to work in the bathroom.  I grabbed the dust-buster and sucked up all of the errant beans around the boys’ cage.  After I was finished, I leaned over the cage and said, “Now you two behave!”  I closed the door and heard a chorus of complaints.  “Staaaaph!” I called to the door.

Bill came out of the bathroom with a piece of sink pipe.  “They don’t like being told what to do?” he asked.

“No,” I replied, “They are very strong willed…”

“HA!” Bill laughed, “That’s the first I’ve heard about guinea pigs being bad like that.”

“Well,” I said, “Let me tell you about Alfalfa…”

Bill and I finished the plumbing in the bathroom and went on to fix several more items in the house.  It was one of the best house warming presents I have received so far. There have been other people in the house to move items and fix things.  However, the boys are not so keen on their visit.  I think that’s a good thing… Fred and Lamont are starting to claim the house as their home.  And that’s the best gift that they can give to me. – KA


  1. I only had one who left large bean piles and that was Christie. She left her huge piles while sleeping. Any time she lay in one spot soundly sleeping for a while when she got up there would be a huge mound of beans behind her. She also had a very cute water shimmy dance when she was letting go with a really good pee. She would back up and then wiggle her rump and create a large puddle. When Punkin had floor time he would run into the bottom cubby hole of the scratching post when he had to make a bean deposit after he discovered it empty one day.

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