Posted by: kerryannekay | January 19, 2017

Moving Madness

Well, it’s official! I’m all moved into the new house.  The boys are in their new spot and all is well…as well as it could be.  I’ve only had several small disasters with the new house:  The dishwasher in the flooded the kitchen.  The front door lock I installed has fallen off three times.  The shower sounds like a screaming banshee when you turn on the hot water.  The closet doors to the laundry area have fallen off several times.  The television remote is lost.  I can’t find more than five pairs of my underwear…

Despite all of this, I have had several successes:  The lock on the front door has not fallen out in three whole days.  The weather stripping on the front door has been replaced.  The issue with the dishwasher has finally been diagnosed. (I’m too chicken to do plumbing.)  The garbage man came and collected my garbage.  I pulled out three cat sized lint balls out of the dryer vent line.  I’ve changed most of my address information.  I have figured out how to back up into my spot.  I have not figured out how to park straight.  And, I’ve made really good friends with all of the employees at the local home improvement store.  You see? I can do this whole ‘home ownership’ thing!

Today was the most trying of all days.  I had to go to the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA).  I stood in line for ten minutes only to be told that I was in the wrong line.  (It was mislabeled!) Then I had to stand in another line for another ten minutes to be given a ticket to use an ‘automated’ kiosk.  I was told my change of address was no longer handle by ‘humans’.  I sat and waited twenty minutes to use that kiosk.  This kiosk required the user to speak a foreign language:  government-ese.  So, it took me about fifteen minutes to complete a change of address.  It felt like I lost several years of my life while at the MVA today.

I was planning on writing a blog about the boys’ behavior when I had someone in to help with the house.  But, I wound up getting home really late tonight and all that came out of me was this.

The boys are better adjusted.  I promise things will get back to normal with the blog.  And I will let you know if I ever figure out how to stop the shower from screaming bloody murder. – KA

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