Posted by: kerryannekay | December 15, 2016

Oh, boys…

I’ve been crazy busy signing, paying, inspecting, and meeting about stuff for the new house.  As a result, I’ve been getting home a bit later than I usually would.  The boys don’t like it.  They have shown their discontentment by escaping…again, and again, and again, and…well, you get the idea.

Last Saturday, I got woken up by Lamont whining.  ‘He’s loud today,’ I thought as I pulled the covers over my head.  Fred joining in made it impossible for me to ignore the racket.  I sighed and rolled over throwing back the covers.  The boys released an excited chorus.  “I’m up,” I called.

I reached for my phone and knocked it between the bed and the side dresser.  As I leaned over to grab it, I saw Fred and Lamont standing on the rug next to my bed.  “Hey, guys,” I called as I put my hand on my phone.  “What?!” I exclaimed sitting upright with the speed of sound.  My sudden movement scared the boys and I heard them tear off back to their cage.

“Oh, no…” I sighed, “You guys have escaped, again.”  I put my feet down on the rug and went to stand up.  That’s when I felt several wet, soft, and sticky things on my feet.  “Poop,” I sighed as I sat down to de-bean my feet.  “You two escaped and left traps for me…  thanks,” I called to the living room.

I had to tip-toe my way to the kitchen avoiding beans the entire way.  “BOYS,” I called to the living room, “I should kick your butts!” The boys had managed to leave small piles of bean here and there in the bedroom and living room.  “And,” I added, “I’m going to have to clean this carpet too! OMG!”

As I carefully made my way to the vacuum, I continued my rant.  “This is why,” I said pulling the vacuum cleaner out with a gusto to add effect to my point, “your floor time is SUPERVISED!” I closed the closet door and stepped in another pile of bean.  “OMG!” I cried.  I vacuumed the floor and then went to fix the boys cage and feed them.

“I should starve the both of you,” I half hardheartedly threatened the boys.  “Then we will see who’s the Alpha!” I added to make my point.  Who was I kidding?  They were chowing down on their breakfast.  I spent about two hours using the rug cleaner to make sure that ALL of the boys presents were gone.

I hope that escape thing this is just a phase for them.  Fred and Lamont do get plenty of floor time when I’m home.  They like to chew on furniture, hide behind furniture, and chew on cords.  That’s why I have to supervise them.  I do love them and their antics.  I just wish they wouldn’t poop so much when on these unsupervised excursions.  *sigh*




  1. I LOVE this little blog of your “boys”! Keep them coming. They are funny & cute…

  2. hey just found your blog! Love what I’m reading. My blog’s also called Cavy Adventures. just found out there were other blogs called that! haha

    • WOW! That’s awesome! Your comment was buried here. Sorry for the long response time. – KA

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