Posted by: kerryannekay | December 1, 2016

House Hunting

It’s the holiday season… Oh, yeah…  I’m not too excited. Can you tell?  Well, I’ve been searching and trying to buy my first house.  Most people would be really excited at the prospect of purchasing their first house…not me.  What a process.  I wish the realtor would just give me a menu.  Then I could order something and ask the people living there to take with them what I don’t like.  For example, I would trade a damp cellar from one house for a bathroom in another.  But it doesn’t work like that. *sigh*

I do think that my realtor is a saint.  She has dealt with all of my nerves, questions, and silly comments.  However, what makes her the best is that she GETS the fact that the house has to meet the needs of myself, Fred, and Lamont.  We have had multiple conversations like:

First House:

Realtor: “Oh, and the guiena pigs could have this bedroom!” *opens door to bedroom*

Me: “Why would I want to banish them to another room?”

Realtor: “They could have so much space.”

Me: “No, I like Fred and Lamont near me.  I can listen to them when I sleep.  They always keep me company.”

Realtor: “Really?”

Me: “Yea, it’s really comforting to hear them chewing on some hay or quietly chortling with each other…  You get used to them and all of their little noises.  I would miss that…”

Realtor: *nods*

Second House:

Realtor: “Oh, look at the size of this master bedroom…  You and the guiena pigs could fit in here…”

Me: “Well, yes, but…”

Realtor: “But?”

Me: “Well, I was looking to make their cage a bit bigger for them in the new house.”

Realtor: “How big?”

Me: “Like this entire corner… That doesn’t leave much room for my bed…”

Realtor: *nods*

Third House:

Realtor: “This is a nice house?”

Me: “No comments about the guinea pigs?”

Realtor: “Well, the master bedroom is a bit smaller…so you may not like it for you and the boys.”

Me: “Ahhh… Ok, I’ll keep an open mind…”

Fourth House:

Relator: “This is a nice room…”

Me: “I don’t like this whole house…”

Realtor: “Why?”

Me: “It needs a lot of work to get it clean enough…”

Realtor: “Clean enough?”

Me: “Lamont is really sensitive and I need to keep his environment really clean to keep him healthy…  I’d have to hire a lot of people to clean this place to make it ok for him…”

Realtor: *nods*

Fifth House:

Me: “I really like this house…”

Realtor: “It’s a nice layout, clean, big, and has a bunch of new appliance.  I think that you and the guinea pigs will be happy here…”

Me: “Yes, I agree… But…”

Realtor: “Yes?”

Me: “Well, if I’m sitting in the living room, do you think I’d be able to hear Fred and Lamont calling for me?”

Realtor: “They call for you?”

Me: “They wheek when they need something.  Different calls mean different things…”

Realtor: *nods*

Me: *looks around* “Yes, I think I’ll be able to hear them… Let’s go back upstairs so I can plan where I’ll put their cage.  I like to visualize things first.”

Realtor: “You could put a couch here and a television here…”

Me: *ignores comment and continues upstairs*

I’m going back to house three and five.  I hope to put in a bid on one of them.  If I choose house three, I may have to get a smaller bed than I originally planned…  But that’s ok.  I’m willing to sacrifice a king size bed for a queen or full to give them more room.  I’ve told my realtor this fact.  Her response?  She just nodded at me.  Like I said, she’s a saint!

I’ll keep you up to date on the house progress… – KA


Congratulation to our “Cute Pet” Picture

Contest Winners:

1st:  “Chico” by Jackie Wren Coleman

2nd: “Carl Segan” by Stacie Winnick

3rd: “Sparkles” by Guinea Pigs Forever

Please PM me so I can send you your prizes! – KA


  1. I love it and totally understand. My furballs stay in my living room and as I was planning out where to put things in my living room room when I moved in here, (with 2 cages for my boy Harry and my girl Scruffy), their location was of prime importance. if I were to ever move into a house I would be like that with the bathroom. One day I would dearly love to have a bathroom with a very well designed roll-in shower and other things set up to where they would work the best for me with plenty of room to turn around in.

    • I’m just so used to them! You could say I’m attached. – KA

  2. Oh my goodness! Did we win 3rd prize?! Yay Sparkles!!!
    Good luck with the house hunting! I’m sure you’ll be able to have a bigger cage for your guinea pigs 😀 Your exactly like me! I’d be more worried about where the cage is going to go then the tv or the bed!

  3. Your are such a good pigggie mom! (Maybe you could take the boys along to inspect houses 3 & 5)

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