Posted by: kerryannekay | November 3, 2016

Please Excuse Me Today

I have had one long day.  After school, I had to run the boys down to the vet. Lamont has a bit of a runny nose and a sneeze.  This is something he gets every once and a while.  He’s now on medicine.  I am sure he will quickly improve.

When I took Fred out of the carrier in the exam room, I noticed the odor coming from his back side. Yeup, it was butt bath time.  When we got home, his rear end got a good scrub.  The boys are both in their cage sulking at me.  They are treating me as if I like doing this to them!

The highlight of my day was meeting one of the rescue moms from MGPR!  She’s the one that did the phone interview with me about adopting Fred and Lamont!  I was so excited and honored to meet her.  She got to see Fred and Lamont for the first time since I adopted them!  We talked about them and her current stable of guinea pigs.  I found out that she follows my blog!  Yes!  I know!  What an awesome thing to find out!

The contest ends this week. Be sure to upload your pictures of your cute pets.  And no, they don’t need to be guinea pigs.

Thank you for your understanding about the short blog.  And as always, thank you for your support.   – KA


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