Posted by: kerryannekay | October 27, 2016

Cute Pet Contest

Here it is!  The big announcement!  I am going to hold my page’s first contest.  The rules are simple:

NO PETS should be harmed, made to do anything uncomfortable, or embarrassed in order to get your pictures.  Please keep all of your pictures Facebook and family friendly. 


1) Snap a picture of your pet being cute. (This can be a current or passed pet.) 

2) Go to Cavy Adventures on Facebook at:

3) Upload it to Facebook on a post for the next week and tag it as “Cute Pet” in the comments of the photo. Be sure to include your pets’ names! (Please limit yourself to 5 or less picture. I don’t want to be spammed!)

4) By uploading the photo, you agree that I am allowed to use and repost it as part of this contest. All photos should be submitted by November 2nd at 5:00 pm. 

5) I will pick 10 pictures to enter the second round.

5) Return to the blog at: to vote for the top 10.

6) Get your friends and family to vote.

7) Share the voting post.

8) Ask your coworkers to vote.

9) Wait with baited breath for the winner.

10) The winner will be crowned on November 5th!

11) Prizes:  1st Place Get: A guinea pig purse or a 5 pound strawberry “Chupa Chups” pop.  (Yes, it’s that big!)


The Guinea Pig Purse and the “Chupa Chups” Pop up for grabs.  I’ve added a quater to emphazie the size of both!

Note: Please be nice to me and respect my first-round choices and to the community.  This is a great community and I don’t want a stupid purse or a pop to ruin that…  Anyone that is not ‘nice’ to the community will automatically disqualified.
Good luck to all.
– Kerry Anne



  1. How do Fred and Lamont feel about this, since they believe that they are THE cutest pets on the earth? They may start throwing beans at you – be careful! (the guinea purse is adorable – I’ve never seen anything like it.)

    • They are unbearable. It’s been a rough week. – KA

    • Haha, good question Packerpig!

      • They hate me right now. – KA

  2. I didn’t realize that purse was so big! This is a fun contest, I’ve enjoyed looking at the photos the last few days 🙂

    • It’s a small day purse. It’s about 3″ wide. I use my to go out sometimes. – AK

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