Posted by: kerryannekay | September 22, 2016

My Day Today

It has been one of those days…  I woke up at 6:00 am.  As I attempted to get out of bed, I managed to catch the covers and go sprawling across the floor.  Luckily, I only have a small carpet burn on my knees from the incident.  I did not break anything else.

When I got into the shower, I managed to drop all of the bottles of soap, shampoo, and conditioner. (Yes, I own too many shower and body products.)  Two broke open and spayed the bottom of the tub.  So, I scooped up what was there and used it for my shower.  Waste not…

I managed to get to school without any incidents.  My first block was working on a lab when the teacher next door said that over 1/2 of the electronic lab equipment wasn’t working. To make matters worse, they HAD to be fixed because he was being observed later that day using that equipment.  So, I ran around helping my students and updating the firmware on 12 mini-computers.

Second block was my planning period.  I wanted to print out my plans.  But the printer broke.  When I went to the copy room, the copier was jammed.  I began cursing at the technology gods, the teacher that left it in that state, and any other electronic equipment that was within ear shot.  I pulled and pulled papers out of that thing.  In the process, I managed to slightly burn my finger on my only good hand.

Oh, and being on a network copy system?  That wasn’t working for me today.  Most of the stuff I sent from my computer to the printer didn’t make it.  The files were lost in cyber-space.  Gone.  I walked back and forth from my room to the copier room three times.

During the middle of my planning, I have duty.  Nothing happened.  But I sat there, at my assigned post, and seethed at the world.  At one point, I did make plans to destroy the printer.  They were quickly abandoned when I realized how much a new one would cost…

When I went back to my room, I had enough time to make a list of everything I still needed to do before the end of the period .  I managed to finish the list as the lunch bell rang.  I had to run back to the copier while my lunch overheated in the microwave.

My lunch was burnt.

My third block was well-behaved but noisy.

Then I HAD to use the bathroom.  There was a line.  So, I decided to use the male teacher’s bathroom.  (Don’t judge.)  I closed the door, hooked the latch, and did my business.  After washing my hands, I unlatched the door, and went to open it.  It was stuck closed.  The door was swollen and stuck shut.

I began banging on the door and yelled for another teacher.  He said, “Are you stuck?” I responded with, “YES! Get me out of here… My hand isn’t strong enough to open the door!”  He tried the door.  It was stuck.  I heard, “Get back,” and the teacher began to body slam the door to open it.  After two tries it popped open.

No less than 50 kids, one assistant principal, and THE principal were standing there as I walked out from the bathroom.  There was a noticeable giggle from the crowd.  All I could do was shake my head and walk back to my room.

My fourth block was awesome.  I went to move something and manged to drop it on my right foot.  Ouch.  There is a bruise line across all of the toes on that foot.  My kids were nice enough to help me and give me ice.  Then they yelled at me for trying to move something heavy without asking them. (That’s why they are great kids.)

At 3:15 pm school was over and I packed to leave without incident.  I left at 3:30 pm and had to go shopping for the boys and pick up some cookies for an experiment in my Research Class.  (Yes its a legitimate one…)

I can’t push the shopping cart.  I have to pull it behind me.  So, as I walking down the cookie aisle, I didn’t realize that I had hooked on to one of those side displays.  It fell over spilling boxes of cookies all over the place.  I stopped and started to put the stupid thing upright and saw that I had damaged the cardboard display beyond repair.  “Of course,” I sighed as I stacked the boxes the best I could off to the side.

As I check out, I fessed up to my miss deed and told the cashier about the clean up.  He thanked me and wished me a “Nice Day”.  I laughed and told him, “Too late…”

When I got home, Fred and Lamont herd the rustling of the bags.  They were dancing in anticipation of dinner.  Fred rumbled and strutted around the cage as he popcorned.  Lamont whined and wiggled his butt.  I giggled at them both.  “Boys,” I sighed as I unpacked the groceries, “you’ve got to hear about the day that I’ve had…”

I feed the boys and sat near them as they ate.  When they were fished, I picked them both up and placed them on chest as I laid on the floor.  I told them the entire tale of my day. They sat there and listened to me.  When I got to a bad part, I head small whining and chutting from them.  I thanked them for being such good boys and listening to me.  As I put them back, I noticed that my tension was gone, my worries weren’t so big, and I had a sense of peace.

I’m not sure what will happen tomorrow.  But, I do know that I will have two sets of ears ready and willing to listen to me.  Thank you Fred and Lamont.  I love you both.








  1. What a day! You do know that all the electronic equipment a school belong to the same union, and when one goes down they all do. So glad you have those wonderful boys to give you love!!

    • That’s so true. Thanks for the giggle. – KA

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