Posted by: kerryannekay | September 7, 2016

Pictures and Ouchies!

I am currently sitting here trying to type one handed. My soft brace on my right hand has been upgraded to a plastic cast.  It’s neat but quite annoying. So, I have to keep my blogs short for the next couple of weeks.  Before you start to type in those comments about “using dictation”.  I know how to do that just fine.  But I’m tired of having the computer misinterpret my words.  And that’s next week’s blog…

I’ve been down about the pain and inability to move that wrist.  One of the best ways I know how to cheer myself is to hold the boys. This is an exceedingly difficult task with only the left hand.  I need to corner the boys and scoop them up.  During that process, they make their opinions of me well known.  Let’s just say I’m glad that I don’t speak guinea pig…  Who taught them that language?  How rude!

Another way I like to cheer myself up is with your pictures.  So, on Sunday, I asked the fans of Cavy Adventures to send me pictures. The suggested focus of those pictures was ‘lips’.  Oh my!  You sent me pictures of your pets’ lips.  It was awesome.  They all made me laugh and put a smile on my face.  Thank you.

During the next few weeks, I’ plan on ‘padding’ my blog with your pets’ pictures.  Personally, I think it’s a great way to keep my spirts up and have you ‘help’ me write the blog.  Please keep on the lookout for my request for specific pictures.  They don’t have to be all of guinea pigs!!!  Make sure you check your messages for a request from me to post you pictures!

Finally, I’ve bought an extra guinea pig purse.  I’m going to have a contest when I get this stupid cast off to celebrate.  I’ll post a poll and you can vote for your favorite photo.  The picture with the most votes will win!

Thank you for all of your support during this annoying time in my life.  Here are some of the pictures that were posted as a response to my post.  I could have posted them all!  – KA

(All pictures are posted with permission of the owners.)


“Junior” by Joanna Catarina Tatomir


“Oscara by Joanna Catarina Tatomir


“Scott” by Danielle Grimshaw



“Shelock” by Melissa Musser



  1. Yay!!!! Some bunny lips is my little Scott 🙂 he’s very impressed that he’s famous. Xxx

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