Posted by: kerryannekay | September 1, 2016

Back to School!

Today was our third day back to school.  I’ve been walking around in a bit of a daze trying to figure out where I’m supposed to be, when I’m supposed to be there, and what I’m supposed to be doing there.  To make matters worse, I’m a teacher and expected to know these things!  I’m just not happy with the adjustment I need to make from my summer schedule.

Fred and Lamont are not happy with my school schedule.  I have to wake up two-hours earlier than I did in the summer.  So, when my alarm went off this morning, the boys vocally protested the interruption in their beauty rest.  I tried to hit the snooze for another nine glorious minutes of sleep.  But, the racket from the living room was enough to wake the dead… and keep me from falling back to sleep.   As I got out of bed, I yelled to the living room, “Like, I ENJOY getting up this early either…  Quiet down!”

Just like Monday and Tuesday, my admonishment didn’t quell the dancing beasts just beyond my bedroom.  So, I called again, “Ok, ok, I’ll feed you before I make my coffee…”  For those of you that don’t know me, my morning coffee is a daily ritual that cannot be broken.  I was making a HUGE sacrifice for my spoiled guinea pigs.  As I chopped, layered, and cut the multiple vegetables, fruits, and leaves the quality of the calls from Fred and Lamont changed.  Their tone went from demanding to exciting in quality.

I looked up and saw the coffee pot half way through the meal preparation.  It was way too tempting.  So, I put down the knife and started to make my coffee.  Fred and Lamont were on to me the moment the water came out of the kitchen spigot.  “Wheeek, wheeeek, wheeeeeek,” they yelled.  It sounded like they were accusing me of neglect.  I sighed heavily and turned off the water.

Several moments later, I was done with the food preparation. I waked the food over to the cage with the two dancing guinea pigs.  “My goodness,” I remarked as I put their food down, “it’s like you haven’t eaten in eight hours…”  I added, “You two are so spoiled,” for good measure.  The boys didn’t hear me over the sounds of their munching.  I knew I was no longer needed or welcome.

I finished making my coffee and took a cup with me into the bathroom to drink while I was getting ready for school.  After a cup of coffee, a warm shower, and several pep talks to myself in the mirror, I felt like half of a human being.  I was ready to face the day.  Okay, as ready as I would ever be.

I got another cup of coffee from the kitchen and cleaned the pot.  I decided to check on the boys on my way out.  BOTH were out cold on top of the snuggle sacks.  “Seriously?” I asked the air.  “You two could have waited until I left to pass out…”  But there was no response.  They were truly in a deep sleep.  I sighed and grabbed my book bag.  “Okay, boys,” I called from over my shoulder back to Fred and Lamont, “have a good day…”  I closed the door and walked off to start my day…  Oh, the life of a guinea pig…


  1. Oh, how I’d like a guinea pig’s life too! Those boys have it so good, while their mom has to work hard to provide them with food. But they are so darn cute – how can you NOT spoil them!!

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