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Guest Blog: “I want to go Home!”

This week’s blog is written by Jade H.  She is an experienced guinea pig owner that has loved many GP.  Her writing has a lot to humor and wisdom…and several suggestions on how to stay dry when holding your GP.  Thank you, Jade.  – KA


Pretty much all guinea pigs who enjoy cuddles still have a time limit on how long they like to be held. Often they have unique ways of telling their slaves when it is time to go back to the cage. This blog is about the ways mine and my friends ’guinea pigs manage to communicate their needs. Hopefully, you will better know what yours is requesting and prevent some ‘accidents’.

For example, Tika was a bossy loner pig. She lived in a big herd but preferred to hang out alone. Her method of telling me it was time to go was to nip my skin between my thumb and forefinger on the back of my hand. At first this would be gentle, but if tried to squeeze in a few more pig hugs, it became more insistent. She would grab a pinch of that same skin just tight enough to hang on, and then pull away from my hand as far as she could. Ouch! Usually, this would leave a tiny little guinea pig ‘hicky’ in that spot. I would calm her and get her to stop the silly business, before finally taking her home. Despite what some folks say, guinea pigs can indeed learn cause and effect. I did not want her to learn that the more painful bites would get instant results.


“I’m fine here…”

Milkyway would just begin to dance around like he had ants in his pants. So, I would set him on the floor and he would run back to the room straight to his cage.  He would stand there and anxiously wait for me to lift him up and put him in with his family. How cool is that?!?

Several of my pigs would begin to chatter their teeth when time was up. Others mostly nipped on a finger or my chin.  Xaica likes to give her daddy “nose kisses”.   But when she’s done, those nose kisses become love bits.  That’s her signal that she is tired of cuddle time.

And then there was Tequiza…  She liked to pee on her daddy, Athos.  He explained, “Tequiza would just pee on me. She’d let it flow and then lie down on me all happy and proud of herself. She loved peeing on her daddy. She also knew I did not like a wet shirt and she would be going home to her cage very soon.” She taught Xaica how to kiss noses.  Xaica decided to take that trick to a whole new level…  Hehe… Poor Daddy.  (Tequiza is the one pictured kissing her daddy’s nose.) IMG_2327

Some of my GP Pals told me about how their GP signal the end of snuggle time:

Karine told me, “Well, Yuyu shoves her foot in my face when she has enough snuggles.” Yuyu is the one pictured in the blue pigloo with the awesome hair.

“Sid backs up when he’s done and Cherrypop bites my shirt or my skin” – Laura McDivitt.

“When Lucky wants to go home he nips on my skin usually.  Sometimes he starts staring at ‘Beantown’ but he makes his wishes known.  That pig is smarter than I am.” – Jenn Wilson (Lucky has a facebook page called “Guinea Pigs Rule”)

However your guinea pig decides to signal that ‘time is up’ make sure you listen.  Knowing the signal could mean the difference between a dry and wet tee-shirt!  Please feel free to post your comments and stories about how your babies tell you it is time to go home.  Thank you all for reading my guest blog.

Jade H.

This guest blog dedicated to Roden, the orange pig getting kisses from his daddy in the picture below. Rest in Peace.





  1. Most of my babies did the “love bite” that got more painful if I didn’t get the hint! I’ve also had piggies that backed up when they needed to pee. Guinea pigs are very polite – they don’t want to potty on their moms and dads but if we don’t get the hint…!

  2. Most of my babies did the “love bite” and if I didn’t get the hint bit harder! I’ve also had piggies that backed up when they needed to pee. Guinea pigs are very polite – they don’t want to potty on their moms and dads but if we don’t get the hint…!
    Rodan was one handsome pig!

    • He was! He had a good life. He will be missed. – KA

  3. Sorry – I somehow got 2 comments!!!

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